O2 Media Showcases Exotic Recipes Made with Maruchan Noodles

O2 Media

O2 Media

Chef demonstrates cooking with Yakisoba Japanese-style noodles.

POMPANO BEACH, Florida – March 7, 2013 – O2 Media ™ and The Balancing Act® recently welcomed Chef Chris Paul to the set of the hit Lifetime show to demonstrate exotic dishes with noodles made by Maruchan. According to a spokesperson from O2 Media, Maruchan makes Ramen noodles, the notoriously inexpensive food solution. Through Chef Paul’s demonstration, viewers were able to learn new exotic recipes using another Maruchan product, Yakisoba Japanese-style noodles, reports O2 Media.

Chef Chris Paul demonstrated for O2 Media audiences several simple recipes using these Yakisoba noodles. Yakisoba offers 13 different flavors, according to O2 Media, ranging from jalapeno cheddar to beef taco. Using Japanese-style Yakisoba noodles, O2 Media viewers can prepare a delicious exotic flavor fusion meal in minutes. Viewers can make a low-cost snack or prepare lunches for an entire family using these Japanese-style noodles and the recipe found on the O2 Media website.

No stranger to O2 Media, Chef Chris Paul has appeared on The Balancing Act several times. Chef Paul, O2 Media explains, is among the best culinary minds in the Florida area. As head chef at Wild Orchids Restaurant, Chef Paul has seen his cuisine top several “best” lists in publications. In addition to his work with the restaurant, Chef Paul stays busy providing catering for special events.

O2 Media points out that The Balancing Act regularly features recipes that are easy for busy moms to accomplish. As the producer of The Balancing Act on Lifetime, O2 Media specializes in programming for women, airing during morning hours. These delicious recipes allow women to plan meals before they head out for the grocery store, O2 Media relates, with meals that contain simple ingredients, keeping kids’ particular tastes in mind.

Author Suzanne Burak also visits the set of The Balancing Act often, advising O2 Media audiences on the best way to prepare meals that are both healthy and delicious. Burak is the author of Home Food: Comfort Food with Attitude, a book that highlights classic recipes that remind readers of home. The book features kid-friendly meals, as well as more sophisticated cuisine to offer something for every palate, according to O2 Media.

Burak featured such kid-friendly culinary treats as jalapeño bites to O2 Media audiences, emphasizing the use of fresh ingredients. Each recipe is both healthy and fun, helping parents of picky children create meals that the whole family will enjoy.

O2 Media seeks to entertain, educate, and engage audiences through programming that relates specifically to consumer needs. In addition to The Balancing Act, O2 Media also produces  Designing Spaces and a new cooking show called All Mixed Up.

For more information about O2 Media programming, contact O2 Media at 2001 West Sample Road, Suite 101, Pompano Beach, Florida, 33411 or call 954-691-1102.

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