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Bradley Thomas Giordano Describes St. Louis as Favorite Holiday Destination

St. Louis is a town full of history, harmony, and fun, reports Bradley Thomas Giordano. More than just the Cardinals, St. Louis offers a little something for everyone. ST. LOUIS, Missouri – Winter vacation time is near and Bradley Thomas Giordano says that St. Louis is the perfect holiday retreat. From luxury accommodations and exclusive […]

Bradley Thomas Giordano | Access to Jury Trials

Adults and children have historically been held to different standards where criminal offenses are concerned, reports Bradley Thomas Giordano.  However, the juvenile court system has faced increased controversy over whether minor offenders should be offered the same protections as adults in cases where detention is the preferred manner of punishment. September 28, 2015 – CHICAGO, […]

Bradley Thomas Giordano | Disclosure of Errors

A push to require medical practitioners to report mistakes may improve healthcare quality, reduce insurance premiums, and offer a layer of protection against malpractice suits, states Bradley Thomas Giordano. June 29, 2015 – The United States’ medical malpractice landscape is far from ideal, according to Bradley Thomas Giordano.  Claims are unpredictable, at best, and have […]