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Find a Dentist that Respects the Importance of Baby Teeth

Infants are born with 20 tiny little teeth buds already formed in their jaws. These primary teeth play a vital role in the development of a healthy adult mouth. That’s why it’s important to find a dentist that is willing to see your child shortly after their first teeth appear. September 28, 2015 – NASHVILLE, […]

Stephen Edward Samuelian | Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A recipients may be eligible for in-patient skilled nursing care services. Stephen Edward Samuelian reports this includes medications, dietary counseling, and semi-private accommodations. LAGUNA BEACH, California – June 15, 2015 – Medicare Part A covers, under certain conditions, skilled nursing services provided at an approved Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), says Stephen Edward Samuelian […]

Bradley Thomas Giordano | Disclosure of Errors

A push to require medical practitioners to report mistakes may improve healthcare quality, reduce insurance premiums, and offer a layer of protection against malpractice suits, states Bradley Thomas Giordano. June 29, 2015 – The United States’ medical malpractice landscape is far from ideal, according to Bradley Thomas Giordano.  Claims are unpredictable, at best, and have […]

Stephen Samuelian – New Quality Measures in Skilled Nursing Care

2015 brings new regulations for skilled nursing facilities across the country. Stephen Samuelian says new public report card grades reflect increased scrutiny and offer more information to consumers. LAGUNA BEACH, California – March 9, 2015 – The federal government has recently enacted new measures to ensure that skilled nursing facilities are graded according to stricter […]

Nova Publlishers Author Offers Hope to Sleep-Deprived

Insomnia: A Self Help Handbook is intended for individuals who have dealt with the harmful health effects of poor sleep habits, says Nova Publishers. HAUPPAUGE, New York – December 13, 2014 – Nova Publishers is excited to introduce a new title that may help readers get some much-needed sleep. Nova Publishers has announced the release of […]

GE Pro Elite Stands Tall in the Water Treatment Industry

This highly effective system takes away the annoyance of unconditioned (hard) water in homes across America, says the GE Pro Elite Team. FAIRFIELD, Connecticut – September 3, 2014 – One of today’s most vibrant innovators in the area of water technology, GE has impressed families across the country with the GE Pro Elite Professional Series […]

Parkinson’s Often Linked to Depression

Depression affects millions of Americans each year. Often, the root of the sadness is a chemical imbalance but is sometimes directly linked to other illnesses. There is hope, however, in the form of psychological and pharmacologic treatments. August 20, 2014 – LOS ANGELES, California – The recent death of red carpet icon Robin Williams has […]

Berni Fried Considers Effects of Addiction on Brain Function

Berni Fried Considers Effects of Addiction on Brain Function

The social and professional development of addicts is damaged irreparably by the presence of drugs and alcohol in their lives, says noted therapist Berni Fried. LOS ANGELES, California – August 27, 2014 – Recent research studies have detailed exactly how alcohol and drugs alter brain chemistry, says experienced therapist Berni Fried. Prolonged periods of alcohol […]

Sophia Wong announces new YOR Health records

Company members in Australia and New Zealand are establishing a new standard of excellence in 2014, reports Sophia Wong of YOR Health. IRVINE, California – July 30, 2014 – Thus far in 2014, YOR Health has reached and exceeded multiple sales goals that bode well for the company’s future, according to Sophia Wong, a YOR […]

Glendora Cosmetic Dentist | Gum & Heart Disease

Further research surveys and studies are necessary to strengthen the debate that gum disease may cause coronary problems, says Glendora cosmetic dentist Dr. Viviane Haber. GLENDORA, California – June 23, 2014 – Cardiologists and dentists around the United States have debated the possibility that heart disease and dental health are inextricably linked, reports Glendora cosmetic […]

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