GE Pro Elite Stands Tall in the Water Treatment Industry

This highly effective system takes away the annoyance of unconditioned (hard) water in homes across America, says the GE Pro Elite Team.

FAIRFIELD, Connecticut – September 3, 2014 – One of today’s most vibrant innovators in the area of water technology, GE has impressed families across the country with the GE Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System. Continuing to challenge themselves in the pursuit of creating premium quality products, the GE Pro Elite team treats unconditioned (hard) water in both commercial and residential locations. The GE Pro Elite team is wholly confident that homes and offices throughout the U.S. are at a significant advantage when enjoying this never-before-seen water treatment system.

Noting its gorgeous metallic finish, the GE Pro Elite Team reports that this system looks beautiful alongside kitchen appliances. With a collection of technologically advanced components and parts, the GE Pro Elite is built to last.

A digital electronic controller is perhaps the most important component of the system, according to the designers behind GE Pro Elite. The technology’s capability of acclimatizing and adjusting to a building’s water usage level is central to its effectiveness.

By achieving maximum results, the GE Pro Elite saves budget-conscious consumers a great deal of hard-earned cash. The system is equipped to measure the most important factors of a water supply (level of consumption, current temperature, quality). Homeowners devote less of their weekly budgets to spending money at the supermarket on soap and laundry detergents. While reducing the amount spent on household cleaners, consumers also have the opportunity to keep their floors, appliances and countertops safe and clean for all members of the residence. With the help of the GE Pro Elite, clothing items are not compromised by the existence of residue or film.

Following the installation of the GE Pro Elite, homeowners report a notable change in every area of their house, apartment or condominium. Families report that their towels, blankets, pillowcases, comforters and sheets feel softer and more comfortable. With conditioned (soft) water flowing through faucets, owners of the GE Pro Elite find that everyday habits like showering and bathing are a much improved experience. Due to the fact that glassware, silverware, dishes and other kitchen items sparkle with conditioned (soft water), people use less energy to clean difficult stains and spots.

The GE Pro Elite is sold by a trusted group of dealers stretching from coast to coast. By making this choice for their homes, satisfied clients are adding their names to a list of grateful homeowners who avoid the presence of unconditioned (hard) water on a daily basis.

The GE Pro Elite team is just one part of a brand that includes three major segments: Technology Infrastructure, Consumer and Industrial, and Capital Finance. Subsidiaries include GE Transportation, GE Power & Water, GE Oil & Gas, GE Home & Business Solutions, GE HealthCare, GE Global Research, GE Energy Management, GE Capital and GE Aviation.


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