Nova Publlishers Author Offers Hope to Sleep-Deprived

Nova PublishersInsomnia: A Self Help Handbook is intended for individuals who have dealt with the harmful health effects of poor sleep habits, says Nova Publishers.

HAUPPAUGE, New York – December 13, 2014 – Nova Publishers is excited to introduce a new title that may help readers get some much-needed sleep.

Nova Publishers has announced the release of Insomnia: A Self Help Handbook from noted author and academic leader Dr. Sandy Sacre. Dr. Sacre is a cornerstone of the Queensland University of Technology, working in the School of Psychology & Counseling.

According to the book’s representatives at Nova Publishers, Insomnia: A Self Help Handbook offers useful instruction to readers who are struggling with sleep issues. Even for those who have long suffered the ill effects of insomnia in their lives, Insomnia: A Self Help Handbook presents helpful tips that could help address these challenges. Nova Publishers points out that Dr. Sandy Sacre is committed to cognitive therapy and stimulus control as major components of a sleep plan. In the book, Dr. Sacre guides readers through these approaches and describes how they can work within a regular routine. For all readers of this Nova Publishers title – parents, athletes, executives, seniors, etc. – the advice guides the way towards healthy and natural sleep.

Insomnia: A Self Help Handbook explains the characteristics of normal sleep and offers commentary about why some persons experience disruptions in their routines, says Nova Publishers. In later chapters, insomnia and its many types and factors are described in detail, shares Nova Publishers. Along the way, readers are shown step-by-step methods for affecting change in their habits and patterns. Nova Publishers explains that these factors may include unhelpful thinking, poor sleep hygiene, compensatory behaviors and environmental influences.

Dr. Sandy Sacre has been committed to the study of sleep health, addictive disorders and mental health for a quarter-century, according to a spokesperson from Nova Publishers. In her impressive and wide-ranging career, Dr. Sacre has been connected to hundreds of individuals who are dealing with sleep loss for any number of reasons. Nova Publishers states that this respected medical adviser currently helms the Therapy Programs department at the prestigious Belmont Private Hospital, located in the major Australian city of Brisbane. There, the Nova Publishers author focuses much of her energy on the field of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and more specifically on the study of insomnia.

An influential psychologist, Dr. Sandy Sacre has devoted her professional career to important organizations in her field, including the Australasian Sleep Association and the Australian Psychological Society. Nova Publishers reports that Dr. Sacre has also performed a number of research studies about sleep patterns and the function of dreaming.

Nova Publishers is a U.S.-based publishing company that affords authors from around the world the opportunity to have their research published for a wider audience. With over 15,000 titles released each year, Nova Publishers continues to plant itself firmly at the forefront of the publishing industry.

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