Casa Sandoval Helps Clients Deal with Reluctant Parents

Casa Sandoval

Casa Sandoval

Casa Sandoval affirms that growing numbers of baby boomers are dealing with aging relatives.

HAYWARD, California – March 17, 2013 – California-based Casa Sandoval provides a home for seniors who wish to live in a community with their peers. Sometimes clients visit the community on behalf of an ailing parent. For those cases, Casa Sandoval provides a few tips to broach the subject to a parent who might not be receptive.

Determine your loved one’s wishes. Casa Sandoval has found instances where a loved one isn’t as adamantly opposed to the idea as was originally assumed. Sometimes a person’s mind has changed over time. As Casa Sandoval tells us, by determining the loved one’s wishes, a plan can be formed regarding where to take the conversation.

  • Point out the features of a particular facility. With great choices like Casa Sandoval offering amenities and a community-like feeling, seniors are finding the idea of assisted living more appealing than ever. Outline a few of the most notable perks of a community.
  • Choose the right opportunity. Casa Sandoval has found that when a senior is in the hospital following an injury or illness, it is easier to convince him or her to migrate to a residential community.
  • Gain the cooperation of other relatives. While nobody wants to “gang up” on a loved one, Casa Sandoval has found that if more than one relative gently suggests the option at different times, it’s more effective. “Plus, it takes the pressure off you,” Casa Sandoval adds.
  • Save the conversation for another time. As mentioned above, minds change. Casa Sandoval recommends approaching the subject at a later date if the first talk is unsuccessful.

As Casa Sandoval points out, the move to an assisted living facility gives a family the option to keep loved ones safe while still providing them the freedom they treasure. Casa Sandoval has options that range from independent living to assisted living to temporary care for a loved one while recovering from a surgery or illness. Casa Sandoval also provides tours that can help demonstrate to seniors the type of living situation they can expect.

Casa Sandoval is an assisted living community that promotes an active lifestyle for its residents. Those who live at Casa Sandoval have access to a variety of stimulating options, daily meals with their friends, and a 24/7 staff presence. The activities and fitness programs are popular with those on site, giving them a chance to participate and meet people. Casa Sandoval also provides scheduled transportation for those who need it.Located in California, Casa Sandoval has more than 200 units, varying in size. Studio apartments are available for residents who need less space. One- and two-bedroom units are available for those who desire more room. Casa Sandoval welcomes visitors to have lunch at the facility to learn more about it.

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