Mallory Fleming Encourages Fellow Young Adults to Volunteer

Mallory Fleming

Mallory Fleming

CINCINNATI, Ohio – May 31, 2013 – Mallory Fleming is a young person on a mission to improve her local community in Cincinnati, Ohio. At the age of 18, Mallory Fleming has learned that giving back not only makes the world a better place, but it also provides personal benefits. Mallory Fleming has volunteered in the community and at Anderson High School, where she is a senior.

Like thousands of high school students across the U.S., Mallory Fleming has had her eye on college for several years. For this high flying honor roll student, only an exceptional school will do. What Mallory Fleming quickly learned was that college entrance requirements focus on academics and extracurricular activities alike, and admissions are fiercely competitive. According the Mallory Fleming, volunteering can help applicants stand out from the crowd. By volunteering in the community, applicants prove they are well-rounded and care about the community, not just themselves, explains Mallory Fleming. By volunteering, applicants provide evidence of their ability to manage and make time for important activities in their lives while still maintaining a high level of scholarship. Some colleges actually require volunteer experience and will ask for proof of a long-term involvement that resulted in personal growth.

While the urge to volunteer may initially come from a college application or a high school requirement, the push to continue giving back comes from within, says Mallory Fleming. Like a lot of young people, Mallory Fleming had a very limited view of all the great work nonprofit organizations do in the world prior to volunteering. Once she began volunteering and serving others, she was hooked. As Mallory Fleming describes it, volunteering can provide personal growth, exposure to different careers, and interactions with people who have so much knowledge and wisdom to share. Thousands of people and causes in the community need the help, energy and enthusiasm that young adults have to offer, confirms Mallory Fleming.

Mallory Fleming says giving back doesn’t have to be a huge commitment. There are simple ways to start volunteering, such as donating money, collecting food for a local food bank, or reading to children at a hospital. and are great tools for finding volunteer opportunities that match personal interests, location and availability. Mallory Fleming also recommends getting the support of parents or caregivers who can provide support, such as transportation, to make volunteering easier.

Contact: Mallory Fleming, 1320 Nagel Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45244