Scott Safadi Believes Innovation Is Key to Silicon Valley Real Estate Market

Scott Safadi

Scott Safadi

Property manager breathes new life into area known for technological advancement.

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 16, 2013 – Scott Safadi, an accomplished real estate property manager, is bringing a familiar concept to the Silicon Valley real estate market: innovation. Knowing Silicon Valley is home to some of the most innovative ideas in the world, Scott Safadi believes his properties should show the same forward-thinking approach to residential living.

After studying engineering and philosophy in college, Scott Safadi returned to Los Gatos, where he’d attended both middle school and high school. Throughout his career, Scott Safadi has used his in-depth knowledge of the San Francisco Bay Area to help him develop properties that meet the needs of area residents.

Traditionally, Scott Safadi has found that property management companies tend to follow similar paths, making it easy to fall behind current trends. With his unique approach, Scott Safadi maintains a roster of satisfied clients and tenants throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Scott Safadi believes in providing individualized attention to each of his properties, treating them as he would if he owned them himself.

Tenants of the properties managed by Scott Safadi have access to cloud-based property management software, which allows them to log in to enter work requests and even make rent payments. This software also lets clients go online to check status reports on the properties they have hired Scott Safadi to manage. This state-of-the-art solution is in line with the Silicon Valley area in which Scott Safadi manages properties, where tenants tend to expect technological solutions to day-to-day issues.

To keep up with rising costs, Scott Safadi raises rent on existing tenants every 12 months. To show appreciation for tenant loyalty, however, Scott Safadi always makes sure current tenants are getting a significantly better rate than new renters. Scott Safadi stresses the importance of good customer relations, believing that a complex’s tenants are the backbone of a thriving business.

Part of good customer relations is ensuring each of his properties is updated on a regular basis, Scott Safadi tells his clients. Thanks to a background in construction, Scott Safadi is able to line up these improvements without spending a fortune. Having up-to-date units to show prospective renters increases the rental rates, Scott Safadi has found, preventing apartments from remaining empty for long stretches of time.

In addition to his background in construction, Scott Safadi also gained experience as a real estate financial analyst. This experience was also in the San Francisco Bay Area, Scott Safadi explains, which gave him an early education in the residential needs of Northern California residents.

Today, Scott Safadi is owner of Cal Bay Property Management (CBPM), one of the top property management firms in the Bay Area. According to Scott Safadi, CBPM limits its property management to apartment complexes located in the Silicon Valley area, serving the individuals and families living and working in this thriving business district.