Travis Jones Rush Properties Moves from Bank to Private Funding

Travis Jones Rush Properties

Travis Jones Rush Properties

Property management firm president Travis Jones now serves at Cherry Park Properties.

OLATHE, Kansas – May 1, 2013 – Travis Jones and Rush Properties, in response to changes brought on by the economy, recently transitioned from bank funding to private funding. Like Travis Jones and Rush Properties, Cherry Park Properties focuses on assisting residential homeowners with financial problems. Travis Jones says Rush Properties has always striven to help financially beleaguered homeowners avoid foreclosure. To do this, Travis Jones and Rush Properties consulted with homeowners on their various options. Travis Jones notes Rush Properties brought years of experience with foreclosures in Missouri and Kansas to each of its clients, advising them of the options available to homeowners suffering financial troubles.

In 2009, Travis Jones says Rush Properties moved to seek private financing, noting the troubles many banks were facing. By removing its funding source from banks to these private financiers, Travis Jones and Rush Properties were able to better serve clients. To help ensure the transition would proceed smoothly, Travis Jones and Rush Properties brought a CPA onto its staff, who worked to remove Travis Jones Rush Properties from its reliance on bank funding.

Cherry Park Properties, LLC was founded in 2009, using funds from these investors. Like Travis Jones Rush Properties, Cherry Park Properties’ main focus is helping private homeowners with their first and second mortgages. Cherry Park Properties also acquires first and second mortgages.

One of the biggest benefits to private financing, Travis Jones and Rush Properties staff found, was that the company no longer had to get bank permission to acquire a property. Private financing liberated Travis Jones and Rush Properties from the task of going before a committee with each decision. To accomplish the transition of Travis Jones from Rush Properties to Cherry Park Properties, Jones and his team chose a CPA whose expertise was fundraising.

Travis Jones says Rush Properties was guided by his extensive experience in home foreclosures. Prior to Travis Jones serving at Rush Properties, he gained experience in both remodeling and client relations in Johnson County. There, Travis Jones and the Rush Properties team were able to help clients make improvements to properties in order to turn them around for a profit.

Today, Cherry Park Properties assists homeowners and property lien holders as well, through walking them through a variety of financing alternatives. Beginning with the time of Travis Jones at Rush Properties, and continuing now through the services of Cherry Park Properties, Jones has focused on saving properties from foreclosure, preventing the negative impact foreclosures have on neighborhoods, financial institutions, as well as the homeowners affected.

For more information, contact Travis Jones Rush Properties at 212 S Cherry St., Olathe, KS 66068 or by telephone: (913) 839-2345.