Wesley Upchurch Brings Gunther’s Games Back to Downtown Columbia

Wesley Upchurch

Wesley Upchurch

Arcade to focus on family-friendly entertainment, says Wesley Upchurch.

COLUMBIA, Missouri – May 21, 2013 – Wesley Upchurch, local entrepreneur and internet marketing professional, announces the April 27 opening of Gunther’s Games, which returns to downtown Columbia after a six-year hiatus. The arcade will be managed by Matt Robb, Wesley Upchurch tells us, and will feature some of the same arcade games that were popular in the early days of arcades.

According to Wesley Upchurch, Gunther’s Games will be located near the corner of 10th Street and Broadway, providing a nostalgic alternative to the bar scene. While Wesley Upchurch acknowledges home gaming has changed the landscape for arcades, he has found that many still enjoy going out to play video games. Additionally, Wesley Upchurch believes the nostalgia factor will bring many previous Gunther’s Games customers back to enjoy the experience with their children.

To add to the nostalgia, Wesley Upchurch and manager Matt Robb will be going back to the original décor of the arcade, known for its bright, bold green theme. Some traditional games will be brought back as well, Wesley Upchurch states, including Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga, but they will be mixed in with new, state-of-the-art video games.

Gunther’s Games is the result of the vision of Wesley Upchurch, who wanted to launch a pinball arcade in the Columbia area. Gunther’s Games was once a staple of downtown Columbia, and it was introduced to Wesley Upchurch by Robb, once a regular customer of the arcade. As Robb explained to Wesley Upchurch, using the name Gunther’s Games would bring in a large number of nostalgic Columbia residents.

After considering several locations, Wesley Upchurch decided on a smaller venue for the arcade, choosing the location previously occupied by Absolute Vintage. The location is just one block from the original Gunther’s location, giving the arcade the advantage of being close in proximity, as well as bringing the gaming experience back to downtown Columbia.

While Gunther’s Games will start small, Wesley Upchurch is open to the possibility of expanding as space becomes available in the downtown area. Upchurch envisions a future location that will add laser tag, a bowling alley, and miniature golf to the arcade’s games and pinball machines.

Wesley Upchurch is a Columbia, Missouri webmaster and marketing professional. While Wesley Upchurch is, at heart, a businessman, he also enjoys indulging his love for family entertainment, playing the very games he plans to include in Gunther’s Games. When he isn’t working, Wesley Upchurch also enjoys stage magic and explores caves in the Missouri area and beyond.