800PressRelease.com Report on Healthy Aging

ATLANTA, GA – March 13, 2013 – It’s been known for years that eating right, keeping one’s weight under control, exercising regularly and avoiding cigarettes are all keys to longevity. A new study has indicated, however, that there’s more to health than that. 800PressRelease.com has learned of a British study that tracked 5,100 civil servants from middle age on, all of whom didn’t smoke, drank moderately, ate fruits and vegetables daily, and got regular exercise. Each of those behaviors, on their own, were shown to give the individuals a 30-50% better shot at “successful aging.” Together, however, the behaviors as part of an overall healthy lifestyle helped reinforce each other’s effects.

According to Severine Sabia, a public health researcher from the U.K., “Individual healthy behaviors are moderately associated with successful aging, but their combined impact is quite substantial.” Sabia went on to note, “Multiple healthy behaviors appear to increase the chance of reaching old age disease-free and fully functional.”

Researchers also point to other healthy behaviors that may help defy aging. Most American adults don’t get enough sleep – it’s suggested that people should try to clear their schedules in order to get eight solid hours of sleep per night, for six weeks straight, to repay their sleep deficits. Weight training can also have distinct benefits – especially lighter weights and more repetitions per set. Weight training causes micro-tears in muscle fiber, which means that stronger and thicker fibers will result from the body’s efforts to repair the tears (don’t forget flexibility and stretching before and after a weight training session). It’s essential to remember the psychological and emotional factors that can stave off aging, too. Stress management and optimism are two huge factors that can help with physical well-being; stress, in particular, has direct links to many different physical ailments and diseases. Optimism can be difficult in adult life, but making an effort to focus on the positive in any situation is important, reports the staff of 800PressRelease.com, as is surrounding yourself with people who do the same.

Taken together, all these measures add up to an entire lifestyle or “state of being,” not just isolated outcomes and results of healthy practices. Plenty of anecdotal and ‘observational’ evidence also affirm these findings. Better still, putting these ideas into practice in one’s life will give an individual the most measurable results, with more energy, a better attitude, and a more robust sense of well-being through one’s daily life.



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