Aldo Disorbo Hosts Ultimate Kickboxing Challenge to Support Law Enforcement

sponsor awardsOverseen by the International Sports Karate Association, 2012 Ultimate Kickboxing Challenge attracted more than 500 supporters.

MIAMI, Florida – August 17, 2013 – Moving industry entrepreneur Aldo Disorbo is known for supporting nonprofit foundations across South Florida. Near and dear to his heart is the FLEOA, and he has established a close relationship with the Chapter 14 in South Florida. Aldo Disorbo recalls the 2012 Ultimate Kickboxing Challenge event as an amazing evening, full of camaraderie and competition.

Hosted on Saturday, August 18, 2012, at the Newport Hotel Sunny Isles, Aldo Disorbo notes that the Ultimate Kickboxing/MMA Heroes Weekend boasted three title fights. The event, which was sponsored in part by Aldo Disorbo, County Line Chiropractic, and Meadow Brook Financial Mortgage Bankers, raised funds through $30 general admission seats and $100 VIP passes. Aldo Disorbo says Duffy’s Sports Grill along with GES Models were also in attendance.

Last summer’s event was held to keep citizens aware of the many functions that law enforcement officers do, explains Aldo Disorbo. Throughout the evening, trained mixed martial arts fighters faced one another in tribute to those who “paid the ultimate sacrifice.” Aldo Disorbo says he was so proud to see the community come together to make the event such a success. More than 500 men, women and children came out for what Aldo Disorbo describes as a worthy event that still has people talking.

According to Aldo Disorbo, the FLEOA’s Chapter 14 is led by President John Bottone. This veteran law enforcement officer began his career in the U.S. Customs Department as an inspector and worked for 15 years as a New York City detective. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Aldo Disorbo relays that Bottone retired from the force only to come back into service as a special agent for the Department of Homeland Security.

winner main eventThe FLEOA is a nonprofit organization that Aldo Disorbo explains supports law enforcement officers. Currently, the organization represents greater than 25,000 officers from more than six dozen agencies across the nation. Aldo Disorbo indicates that the organization was founded in 1977 to provide legal assistance and representation to officers.

The International Sports Karate Association (ISKA) coordinated the 2012 event, says Aldo Disorbo.  The ISKA has offices across the world including Germany, Poland, Russia and Denmark. Aldo Disorbo reports that the organization is one of the most respected martial arts exhibitionists in the U.S. and is broadcast live on ESPN2 and ESPN3.

According to Aldo Disorbo, the FLEOA participates in numerous fundraisers throughout the year. Previous events for Chapter 14 include family picnics, charity motorcycle rides, sporting events, and an annual Christmas party, says Aldo Disorbo.

For more information on how to support the FLEOA, visit

Aldo Disorbo is the founder of Moving Squad and Nationwide Relocation Services. He is a 1986 Coral Springs High School graduate who began his career in the moving industry right out of high school. Aldo Disorbo launched his first company when he was 20 years old and spent the next decade learning everything he could about what people needed and wanted in a mover. Today, Aldo Disorbo is known as an industry innovator who has helped countless families make their move. Moving Squad offers local and long distance relocation services.

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