Andrew Stolper Announces Launch of Crux Capital Website

Litigation finance firm Crux Capital offers a broad array of services for clients throughout the United States, shares Andrew Stolper.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – July 12, 2014 – Crux Capital is proud to announce the creation of its new website, according to co-founder Andrew Stolper. All future news and information about Andrew Stolper and Crux Capital can be found at the company’s online home,

A former federal prosecutor, Andrew Stolper calls the launch of the new company in 2013 a challenging and humbling experience. While looking forward to sharing more details about the company’s initiatives in the coming months, he feels confident about their early progress. Andrew Stolper and his former FBI agent business partner are eager to present new and varied financial options to clients to help them navigate the risks and complexities of commercial litigation.

What is litigation finance?

Litigation finance continues to be a growing industry dedicated to levelling the playing fields between plaintiffs and defendants so that the merits dictate the outcome, observes Andrew Stolper. A litigation finance firm such as Crux Capital examines disputes, assesses their particular merits and makes investments in exchange for a portion of the financial settlement or jury award. For Andrew Stolper and his team, the opportunity to help balance the scales of justice in the U.S. legal system is one that could simply not be missed.

How does litigation finance have a positive effect on the U.S. legal system?

Although litigation finance has been utilized to great effect in Australia and the United Kingdom, the American system has been slow to adopt these financial products, says Andrew Stolper.  But Crux and a host of other litigation financiers have really established litigation finance as a best-practices approach to commercial litigants who want to pursue a meritorious claim, even if they lack the financial or risk appetite for protracted litigation.

Where do Andrew Stolper and Crux Capital fit into the picture?

Crux Capital is a boutique firm in the litigation finance picture, says Andrew Stolper.  Crux is focussed on middle-market litigation primarily in Southern California.  Andrew Stolper says that Crux Capital is looking to make investments solely in commercial litigation, as opposed to class action or personal injury cases.  Crux Capital offers its products to sophisticated clients who fully understand the risk and rewards of both the litigation and Crux Capital’s investment.

Why are Andrew Stolper and Crux Capital different from other litigation finance firms?

Andrew Stolper reports that Crux Capital is different from other litigation financiers in two main ways.  First, Crux Capital’s diligence is performed by the investment decision makers.  Andrew Stolper and his business partner are personally involved in selecting every investment Crux Capital makes – making the decision making process much more streamlined.  Second, Crux Capital is focussed on middle-market litigation.  Crux Capital is looking to invest in matters that are smaller many other litigation financiers investment criteria.


Does litigation finance get in the way of the attorney-client relationship?

Attorneys are often required to have conversations with their clients regarding how much litigation has cost, notes Andrew Stolper. These clients are generally demanding fee structures that require the law firm to take on outcome-based risk that many law firms do not accept. Andrew Stolper believes that the litigation finance solutions provided by Crux Capital can help bridge that disconnect by permitting the lawyers to litigate without having to also play financier.

Are there certain areas of expertise that Andrew Stolper and Crux Capital specialize in?

Andrew Stolper notes that the founders of Crux Capital have led numerous investigations and prosecutions ranging from market manipulation schemes, Ponzi schemes, money laundering, embezzlement, bank fraud, investment fraud, government fraud, insider-trading matters, accounting fraud, corporate fraud and securities fraud.  They are particularly adept at and interested in investing in cases where one party has been defrauded by another.

Based in Newport Beach, California, Crux Capital is actively involved in reviewing and financing ongoing litigation.  For further explanation about Crux Capital and its assortment of projects, contact Andrew Stolper through the company’s website at

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