BentleyForbes Goes For Green in Prudential Plaza

BentleyForbesReal estate investment firm BentleyForbes has earned the coveted LEED Gold Existing Building Certification for Prudential Plaza. The company management team has praised residents and building management team members alike for their hard work and dedication to the cause.

Chicago, Illinois – May 7, 2014 – A leading commercial real estate investment firm, BentleyForbes is known for putting clients first. The company understands that today’s demands for resource conservation and sustainability have a major impact on the economy as a whole and has always placed a great emphasis on responsible building and investment. BentleyForbes recently announced that the US Green Building Council has awarded Prudential Plaza, a Class A office tower in the East Loop district, LEED Gold-Existing Building Certification.

In a statement made by the BentleyForbes CEO, the company claims they are committed to Prudential Plaza tenants and believe they have created an exceptional and professional environment. According to BentleyForbes, the Prudential Plaza management team has completed exhaustive work over the last two years to achieve this honor. With the building newly renovated and many environmentally friendly services now in place, BentleyForbes believes Prudential Plaza will set a shining example for other business communities to follow suit.

Over the last 24 months, BentleyForbes has proudly rolled out several new programs which contributed to the LEED certification for Prudential Plaza. PruCycle, a building-wide reuse program, has offered tenants the opportunity to allow unwanted items to be put to good use by others. Similar to FreeCycle, this program has helped cut waste throughout the building and has served to promote camaraderie among occupants. For those items that cannot be reused, BentleyForbes has installed state-of-the-art recycling facilities on-site. Notably, BentleyForbes has placed an emphasis on batteries and plastic bags as those items tend to remain in landfills longer than biodegradable waste.

The team at BentleyForbes has also struck a deal with Office Depot to offer special tenant-only pricing on green products. This allows tenants of Prudential Plaza to enjoy exclusive discounts while integrating environmentally friendly processes into their day-to-day operations with little to no additional cost, says a BentleyForbes spokesperson.

During summer months, BentleyForbes has committed to hosting a seasonal farmer market. There, Prudential Plaza clients will have access to fresh produce along with handmade artisan crafts. According to BentleyForbes, the farmers market will provide an opportunity for local agricultural service providers to reach out to downtown businesses.

BentleyForbes has also implemented an energy Star program throughout the building. Since inception of the LEED certification process, BentleyForbes says Prudential Plaza has reduced utility consumption by 30%. This has saved over $1 million in costs per year, making Prudential Plaza an affordably attractive option for small to midsize businesses. It is also notable that the LEED Commissioning Process discovered a malfunctioning electrical meter, resulting in a $600,000 refund to Prudential Plaza.

Without the cooperation of residents and the dedication of property management, BentleyForbes says these and other building enhancements would not have been possible. The company praises all involved for playing their part in creating a friendly and eco-focused place of business.

The Existing Buildings Rating System, notes BentleyForbes, was established to help building owners effectively measure operations and maintenance projects and make only those improvements which truly enhance the building’s function. LEED For Existing Buildings is a dynamic program that places prominence on sustainable building improvements.

BentleyForbes is pleased to have achieved this certification and looks forward to refining the process in the coming years.


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