Seniors & Families Love Bonaventure Senior Living

Local residents speak out about Bonaventure Senior Living communities.

SALEM, Oregon – July 23, 2013 – Bonaventure Senior Living recently surveyed their residents, family members and employees and collected hundreds of reviews from happy residents, family members, and employees. The reviews illustrate how Bonaventure Senior Living provides each of its residents a comfortable, enjoyable living experience.

“I am honored to serve the residents, family, and staff,” Bonaventure Senior Living’s executive director of Idaho Falls, Winnie Welker, comments.

With communities in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, Bonaventure Senior Living provides varying levels of care for seniors. Families can choose independent living locations for family members who no longer want to worry about the hassles of maintaining a home and doing chores, preferring to enjoy retirement and live life on their terms.  As needs increase, Bonaventure Senior Living’s Full Service Retirement provides as much or as little additional care is needed, up to more specialized memory care services for those suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. Even within its communities, Bonaventure Senior Living individualizes care to make sure each resident enjoys the retirement living experience he or she desires.  That’s what is at the heart of Bonaventure’s Retirement Perfected lifestyle.

Through hundreds of reviews, Bonaventure Senior Living management received proof its efforts have been successful. Family members offer enthusiastic praise for each Bonaventure Senior Living community, complimenting the environment, the provided activities, and the dedication of the staff.

“Bonaventure takes great care of my grandparents and makes them feel welcome,” one family member writes. Another adds, “It’s such a relief just knowing my in-laws are being taken care of.”

Bonaventure Senior Living always strives to create a positive environment, including big holiday celebrations and themed events. Residents of Bonaventure Senior Living enjoy gathering together at mealtimes, sharing stories and becoming close friends.

“I enjoy sharing a table with good friends, and that we celebrate all our holidays,” one Bonaventure Senior Living resident enthused. Other seniors mentioned classic games like Bingo which help bring residents at Bonaventure Senior Living communities together.

This stellar resident satisfaction is due in large part to the wonderful team members at each Bonaventure Senior Living community. Bonaventure Senior Living administration works hard to find employees who uphold its commitment to customer service and putting residents first. From the executive chefs to the caregivers, Bonaventure Senior Living employees echo this dedication in their reviews of the company.

“My passion lies in the smiles of the people we serve,” stated one employee. Another staff member commented, “I feel happy knowing that I am helping the residents, and it is nice knowing that I help make things a little easier for them every day.”

Bonaventure Senior Living regularly surveys residents and employees to determine areas for improvement. Even with a 96 percent satisfaction rate, Bonaventure Senior Living is always working to improve and innovate.  Dining Services recently moved to an “Anytime Dining” experience, just like you would expect at a nice restaurant.  Daily and Weekly Specials provide a big variety, and a menu of Anytime Favorites expands the options available to each resident’s tastes and preferences.  Meals are prepared to order by talented chefs, providing residents a refreshing culinary experience with each meal. Time and again, Bonaventure Senior Living residents rave about the delicious meals they receive at Bonaventure Senior Living.

“The food is so delightful,” one resident states. Another gushes, “I love not having to cook and that we are offered three snacks a day.”

Each meal is prepared using the freshest ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible. In fact, Bonaventure Senior Living is so confident in its meals, the company invites families to come by for a complimentary lunch or dinner to tour the community and experience all that they have to offer firsthand.

Bonaventure Senior Living also offers bonuses like scheduled transportation and on-site libraries, gardens, workshops, and movie theaters to make each day enjoyable and never boring. Advanced emergency call systems and 24-hour attentive staff throughout the communities allow family members to rest assured that their loved ones are safe and comfortable.

For more information, contact Bonaventure Senior Living through their web site at or by calling (503) 566-5715.

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