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Carmack Moving and Storage

Carmack Moving and Storage announces an increased capability to perform one day moves. Rob Carmack also offers tips to combat moving related stress.

Centreville, Virginia – January 9, 2013 – Carmack Moving and Storage, Fairfax County’s leading relocation services provider, is now offering one-day moves. The service, which is geared toward those staying local, is Carmack Moving and Storage’s most expedient service available.

Ideal customers for Carmack Moving and Storage’s single day transfers are seniors downsizing to a smaller home, growing families looking for more space in their hometown, and those leaving apartment life behind for homeownership. Carmack Moving and Storage says one day moves are a great option for anyone on a budget who is staying in the company’s general area.

For area residents facing short-distance relocation, Carmack Moving and Storage offers this advice: Stay calm and call a mover. While it might not seem like such a daunting task, moving can be a pain. Carmack Moving and Storage explains the stress of moving can really affect how the experience is perceived and may even alter a family’s opinion of their new home.

According to Robert Carmack, president of Carmack Moving and Storage, the best way to tackle a “one day move” is to prepare weeks in advance. He states that it’s best to begin purging items that are not used, such as outdated toys or clothes that don’t fit. The items can be donated to women’s shelters or youth organizations, points out Carmack Moving and Storage. And, the gifts are tax deductible. For those needing a little extra income to fund the day’s activities, a yard sale is a great way to declutter and earn some extra cash. Yard sale leftovers can then be donated to charity, claims Carmack Moving and Storage.

Carmack Moving and Storage also suggests stocking up on packing materials early, which will prevent last minute trips to get boxes. On moving day, most people are feeling the pressure – they don’t need the added stress of having to bounce in and out all day for materials, says Carmack Moving and Storage. Boxes are a must for moves of any distance, stresses Carmack Moving and Storage.

For those making a transition with children, Carmack Moving and Storage suggests informing these young family members that their new home will most likely be in a state of chaos for a few days. They may feel the stress more than any adult, offers Carmack Moving and Storage. Children may also feel left out since they likely have had little or no say in whether the move happened or not, so it’s important to help them cope and to take the time to assure them that things will be all right. Carmack Moving and Storage suggests getting children excited about their new space by allowing them to visit ahead of time and letting them decorate it themselves – within reason.

Families with pets should also take special care during a move, regardless of mileage. Carmack Moving and Storage suggests that small animals should be moved in the family vehicle. Larger or excitable pets can benefit from a day trip to the vet. According to Carmack Moving and Storage, most veterinary clinics provide one-day boarding services – although a bordetella shot may be required.  For families with aquatic pets, Carmack Moving and Storage says they can be taken the night before or early the morning in advance of the move and left in a safe location, out of the way of incoming furniture.

Carmack Moving and Storage’s single day moves are quoted per hour. Estimates may be obtained by calling 703.378.1616 or Toll Free 866.627.4420.

Carmack Moving and Storage was founded in 1985 and has grown from a single truck to an all-inclusive moving company with an impressive array of equipment. Rob Carmack and his team specialize in residential and commercial moving services, both local and global. In addition to packing and transport, Carmack Moving and Storage also offers home staging and climate controlled storage. For more information about Carmack Moving and Storage’s Services visit them on the web at

Contact Carmack Moving and Storage at 703.378.1616.

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