Dan Sciscente Announces Communi-T Software Update

Dan SciscenteIn May of 2012, Dan Sciscente traveled to Orlando to showcase Communi-T 2.0 at the Sapphire NOW and ASUG yearly conference and says the release was well-received by conference attendees.

Montreal, Canada – July 5, 2012 – In May of this year, Dan Sciscente of Communi-T made the 2,300 mile trek to sunny Florida to reveal his company’s recent updates to the popular Communi-T program, which allows clients to better utilize their SAP solutions.

Communi-T 2.0 focuses on mobile application programming, reports Dan Sciscente, integrating easily with SAP to allow clients to enjoy an affordable, effective SAP solution. Software updates announced by Dan Sciscente at the conference include offline processing capabilities and interaction with JSON and SOAP.  Additionally, Dan Sciscente says that upgraded users now have the capability to develop their own applications and still enjoy Communi- T 2.0’s fast processing times.

Communi-T 2.0 has made life easier for thousands of mobile web developers since the release, according to Dan Sciscente. Programmers can get more accomplished in less time by using the SAP integrated software, adds Dan Sciscente. Time is money and Dan Sciscente points out that this new release cuts development time significantly, allowing a company to devote budgeted funds elsewhere. Communi-T offers more than just speed, notes Dan Sciscente. Its ease of use and integration capabilities make a client’s technology their greatest asset.

Communi-T is a SAP integration software that allows IT departments to deploy their SAP solutions quickly and effectively, explains Dan Sciscente. The software is easy to install and in most cases takes less than a day to be ready to use. According to Dan Sciscente, Communi-T does not require other programs or services to be active for installation and cuts out middleware components.

At the conference, Dan Sciscente described Communi-T as an “out of the box” solution that remains highly customizable and allows businesses to deploy SAP processes quickly and effectively using the Communi-T robust platform. Additionally, Dan Sciscente said that Communi-T offers DMS (Document Management Systems) and other user-friendly features. Dan Sciscente was excited to announce to conference attendees that Communi-T configured processes can be deployed to a number of platforms via Communi-T Service. Dan Sciscente is the founder of Communi-T. He is a well-known IT consultant and certified PMP who has managed multi-million dollar projects in infrastructure. In his early career, Dan Sciscente was a software developer and network engineer. He developed the Communi-T brand after realizing that information collaborations were going to make doing business easier for hundreds of thousands of companies across North America. He is also the co-founder of the web development firm e-Nov, Inc.

The Sapphire Now Conference allowed Dan Sciscente to showcase his product to a global audience and he firmly believes that Communi-T will add value to its users IT departments far beyond its cost.

For more information or to download a free trial of Communi-T 2.0, visit www.communi-t.com

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