Dave Contarino Announces the 31st Annual Taos Mountain Balloon Rally

Taos Balloon RallyThe latest edition of this family-friendly event in New Mexico begins October 25, says Dave Contarino.

TAOS, New Mexico – Oct. 21, 2013 – Dave Contarino announces that up to 35 balloons will take to the beautiful skies over Taos during the 31st annual Taos Mountain Balloon Rally, to be held in Taos, New Mexico, October 25-27, 2013.

According to Dave Contarino, the two-day spectacle features mass ascensions of these beautiful balloons at dawn, gorgeous glows at dusk, a grand ball and a parade.

For more than 30 years, the Taos Mountain Balloon Rally has served as a popular Taos community event, raves Dave Contarino. On the final weekend of October, visitors gather to celebrate the season and enjoy a visual spectacle.

Booth spaces are available for vendors with limited availability, says Dave Contarino, with each parcel measuring 10’ by 20’. Dave Contarino notes that the booth locations will be along the entrance, as well as on the ground on the corner of Gusdorf and Albright across from the Taos News.

David Contarino says that the Rally is held in one of the world’s most attractive settings. As the Cottonwood and Aspen trees erupt into an artist’s canvas of yellows, ambers and golds, even brighter color is added to the portrait as the Taos skies are filled with numerous hot-air balloons rising into the cold, clear dawn.

The Taos Mountain Balloon Rally is smaller than other similar events, says Dave Contarino. As an invitational event, the Rally typically features 35-50 crews and their balloons each year. Dave Contarino believes that the event’s more intimate feel has made it a popular stop for crews and families, Taosenos and visitors alike.

Overall, Dave Contarino appreciates the family-friendly atmosphere of the Taos Mountain Balloon Rally. Parents and their children have the opportunity to meet the balloonists each morning while crews prepare for launch, says Dave Contarino. These one-on-one conversations provide insight into the delicate process of lifting these balloons into the crisp mountain air.

According to Dave Contarino, the Taos Mountain Balloon Rally Association, the nonprofit group that organizes the event each year, consists of a dedicated roster of volunteers who work year-round to ensure the safety of all participants and attendees. Their mission is to schedule entertaining events that will provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Local businesses donate thousands of dollars in sponsorship and lodging for the pilots and crews, says Dave Contarino. Other artists, craftspeople and businesses donate auction items, prizes and much more. David Contarino observes that all visiting crews, pilots and families are offered the best hospitality during their stay.

Dave Contarino recommends visiting the event website at taosballoonrally.com for further information about the Taos Mountain Balloon Rally Association.


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