David Contarino Seals Reputation as Go-To Democratic Strategist

Michelle Lujan Grisham’s Senior Advisor David Contarino makes a name for himself by helping the little-known congresswoman march from last to first place in New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District.

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky – June 6, 2013 – David Contarino has served the Democratic Party for over 25 years. With Michelle Grisham’s victory over candidate Janice Arnold-Jones, David Contarino proves why he has been a trusted advisor to names such as Bill Richardson and Jeff Bingaman.

In June of 2012, Michelle Grisham completed an improbable track from last to first place in the Democratic primary for Congress. David Contarino was her senior advisor and consultant during the campaign. Congresswoman Grisham defeated two better funded opponents to capture the Democratic nomination, largely impart due to the efforts of David Contarino and his tireless devotion to the campaign.

The task that David Contarino was given, to propel a late entrant into the race to victory, was not an easy one. According to David Contarino, however, there were a few basic lessons for the campaign that remains true today as they ever have and are the reason for her success. David Contarino cites wise resource management and explains that Congresswoman Grisham had more cash on hand in the final two months of the campaign than her two opponents. This was accomplished through prudent financial management, aggressive savings, and reliance on a small and dedicated staff and many devoted volunteers and supporters. David Contarino notes these people helped with day-to-day campaign activities and helped to Grisham save over 80% of monies raised in the early days of the campaign.

David Contarino was also responsible for developing a strategy and making sure the team stayed focused on the goals. As Grisham had enjoyed a long career of advocacy for the people of New Mexico, David Contarino brought in a team of smart consultants and senior staff who knew how to keep that in the forefront of people’s minds. The flawless execution of this strategy surprised Grisham’s two tough competitors, Marty Chavez and Eric Grieg.

Using superior advertising and organization, David Contarino explains that the Congresswoman was able to surprise her opponents despite an onslaught of negative attacks in the final 10 days of the campaign. The Congresswoman was advised to stick with their original strategy of focusing on positive advertising and soliciting well-deserved endorsements from both the conservative and liberal newspapers in town, details David Contarino.

David Contarino credits Michelle Lujan Grisham as being a superior candidate. He maintains that Grisham’s hard work, determination, preparation and proven record of accomplishment made the biggest difference in the campaign. With the help of David Contarino, Grisham won the debate against her Democratic opponent and dominated her Republican rival. She worked tirelessly, raising money and earning the support of key allies throughout the district.

David Contarino helped Grisham connect with the people through strategic guidance which included telling her story of accomplishment and courage that could not be matched by her challengers. In the end, Michelle Grisham was victorious and David Contarino once again assisted the Democratic Party in taking another seat.

David Contarino is a well-respected Democratic strategist and consultant. He was Grisham’s senior advisor and strategist. David Contarino worked with the strategic team, The New Media Firm, Greenberg/Quinlan Research and campaign manager Dominic Gabello.  Along with Gilbert Gallegos and Debbie Armstrong, David Contarino helped Grisham pull off her historic upset.

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