David Slone Begins New Photography Business

David Slone

David Slone

Like Father, Like Daughter Photography allows David Slone to work with daughter.

GREELEY, Colorado – March 25, 2013 – David Slone, sales manager at Weld County Garage, announces the opening of a new photography business to service the Northern Colorado area. Like Father, Like Daughter Photography is a joint venture betweenDavid Slone and his daughter, Amber.

The business began as a hobby, with David Slone and his daughter snapping thousands of pictures as they traveled around the Colorado area. Along with Amber, David Slone often took road trips around the country to indulge their photography talents. Scenery wasn’t the only focus of their snapshots. David Slone and his daughter soon developed a penchant for photographing animals and people.

Once they had amassed a fairly sizeable collection of photos, David Slone and his daughter wanted a way to show their photos off. Like Father, Like Daughter Photography will sell its photos both through its CafePress site and website. In addition to providing a full range of photos for sale, Amber and David Slone will also snap custom photos upon request. This can be ideal for businesses or individuals who have a specific type of photo in mind to fit an area of a home or office. On CafePress, David Slone and his daughter are offering their photos on T-shirts, travel mugs, shoulder bags, and more.

David Slone has a long history in photography, beginning with a wedding video and special events business he owned with his wife. The company, titled Amber’s Video Production, began as a small operation in a spare bedroom of the family home and grew to become one of the most successful special events video production companies in Oklahoma. For several years, David Slone and his wife ran the video production company, shooting weddings and special events around the state, before finally selling it to focus on other pursuits.

David Slone also previously served as president of a global video editing device manufacturer, Macrosystem US. David Slone explains that Macrosystem US manufacturers the Casablanca Avio and Kron digital editing systems. During his tenure with Macrosystem US, his hard work helped the company become one of the most successful companies in the state.

In addition to his work with Like Father, Like Daughter Photography, David Slone serves as general sales manager for Weld County Garage, a full-service car dealership in Northern Colorado. Married to his wife for more than 25 years, David Slone and his wife live in Colorado with their two children. David Slone also works with his daughter Amber at the garage, where she works as both an event coordinator and in customer service for the thriving dealership.

As general sales manager for Weld County Garage, David Slone is proud of the success the dealership has achieved during his time there. For more information, contact David Slone, 1140 U.S. 287 #400, Broomfield, CO  80020.

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