Direct Media Power Helps Tax Settlement Companies with Radio Response Media

Direct Media Power

Direct Media Power

Direct Media Power specializes in pay-per-call direct advertising

WOOD DALE, Illinois – October 2, 2012, 2012 – Direct Media Power, known as the largest pay-per-call per-entry in the country, is committed to helping tax settlement businesses lower their fees, a service that directly benefits the customers of those companies. By offering lower rates on its services, Direct Media Power is able to help tax settlement firms save money.

In the past year, several tax settlement firms have gone out of business in part, says Direct Media Power President and CEO Dean Tucci, because they were charging customers large up-front fees. When asked about those fees, the Direct Media Power CEO explains that some of those companies have cited the high cost of advertising as requiring fees to be paid in advance. One company spent nearly one-third of its revenue on advertising, which meant little was leftover to handle the many other business expenses a tax settlement firm incurs.

“It’s a win for all involved,” says Dean Tucci of Direct Media Power. “The tax settlement firms pay less for advertising, the person with the tax problem pays less to get their problem resolved, and the government collects money they may have never collected–thanks to the tax firm.”

In the end, as Tucci points out, the government winds up with more money available to help Americans who need it. At the same time, Direct Media Power can help tax settlement firms get the word out about their business, which enables them to help more taxpayers.

Direct Media Power specializes in radio advertising. Each ad campaign is targeted for maximum results, with ads placed Monday through Friday during business hours. This is a time slot that has proven to have high results, according to Direct Media Power, as listeners are most likely to be tuned in and receptive to advertising.

Direct Media Power serves customers by providing negotiable pricing, rather than the flat rates offered by many other direct response media companies. These rates can be tailored to match a particular company’s return on investment (ROI) goals. Direct Media Power also buys airtime in bulk ahead of time, passing the savings onto customers.

It’s a model that works. At this time, Direct Media Power is working with more than fifty tax settlement businesses throughout the country, with more than a million dollars spent on radio advertising on behalf of those customers. Direct Media Power ’s clients can immediately see the results of this work in their analytics and overall ROI, and Direct Media Power continues to work with clients to adjust campaigns as necessary.

In addition to tax settlement firms, Direct Media Power also works with a wide variety of lead-based sales companies. Direct Media Power can provide its services for debt settlement, credit counseling, student loan refinancing, health insurance, bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, and more. For more information, visit the company online at

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