Feed The Children Reviews Past Year and Forecasts Plans for 2014

Feed The ChildrenAs Feed The Children reviews the most recent year, partnerships with major corporations and international agencies stand out among the organization’s major successes.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma – March 28, 2014 – As one of the largest charities headquartered in the United States, Feed The Children reviews internal and external operations on a regular basis to ensure the organization continues to meet the highest ethical standards. Concurrently, Feed The Children reviews the economic landscape to uncover key opportunities for helping others who have experienced misfortune in their lives. In 2013, the organization distributed resources in excess of $344 million to benefit more than 10 million people in the U.S.

Feed The Children reviews international activities as well to determine effective strategies to defeat hunger around the world. In 16 countries, the organization has installed clean water sources, bathroom facilities, water systems and water wells. Feed The Children has also provided dental exams and eye exams, and dispensed prescriptions to more than 27,000 patients.

In total, Feed The Children reviews and implements core strategies of charitable giving for 23 countries: Uganda, Timor Leste, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Sao Tome, Rwanda, Philippines, Peru, Nicaragua, Nepal, Malawi, Kenya, Indonesia, Honduras, Haiti, Guatemala, Gambia, El Salvador, Ecuador, Columbia, Central Africa Republic and Burkina Faso.

Feed The Children reviews services rendered during calendar year 2013

Culling from information acquired through the organization’s international and domestic programs, Feed The Children reviews and identifies areas where food and supplies were donated. On a domestic level, the organization distributed over 98 million pounds of food and supplies through an extensive network of corporate and agency partners. Internationally, the organization distributed over 21 million pounds of medicine, food and essentials.

Feed The Children reviews of its subsidiary World Neighbors have also given donors added incentive to continue their generous efforts. The organization’s international presence has been expanded and enhanced by virtue of this exemplary work. World Neighbors has empowered local communities since its establishment in 1951.

Feed The Children reviews most recent recognitions

Feed The Children reviews by the Better Business Bureau include a rare 4-star rating on the prestigious Charity Navigator scale. For organizations like Feed The Children, reviews from Charity Navigator recognize a commitment to utilize donations in a productive and meaningful way. Charity Navigator examines ethical and governance practices in order to measure the fiscal responsibility of philanthropic organizations.

Feed The Children reviews the 2013 holiday season

In Feed The Children reviews of 2013, the recent holiday season proved to be one of the most treasured times for the organization’s donors. Feed The Children’s “12 Days of Christmas” program distributed turkeys, Avon products, food and other essentials to more than 1500 Oklahoma families after the devastating tornado that hit the state in May. Partnering with Operation Homefront, the organization was able to offer military families in North Carolina and Southern California with holiday meals and more.

Feed The Children reviews disaster efforts in other countries

After Typhoon Haiyan caused mass destruction in The Philippines, Feed The Children reviews of the resulting damage resulted in the creation of feeding centers and mobile kitchens in the hardest hit areas. Volunteers offered bottled water, sacks of rice and hot meals to all victims. As a part of their ongoing efforts, Feed The Children reviews The Philippines project on a regular basis to see how the organization can continue to make a difference. Following up on their relief efforts, the organization is coordinating with educational leaders to provide first-aid services to the area’s children.

Feed The Children reviews corporate partnerships

As Feed The Children reviews 2013, the management team reports that donor partners such as Fazoli’s, Crocs and PepsiCo have substantially contributed to the success of efforts spearheaded by Feed The Children. Reviews of the PepsiCo relationship indicate more than 10,000 families were benefited by generous donations of food and supplies. Similarly, Feed The Children and Fazoli’s gave over 9 tons of foods to feed Typhoon Haiyan victims. Over the holiday season, Feed The Children was able to donate 12,000 pairs of shoes to young children across the globe.

For those seeking more information about Feed The Children, reviews of their current practices and policies are available online at feedthechildren.org.

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