Frankie Bordeaux Praises Boys and Girls Club for Efforts to Promote Arts

Frankie Bordeaux

Frankie Bordeaux

The Boys and Girls Club of America has taken steps toward creating creative minds, says former Executive Director Frankie Bordeaux.

GREENVILLE, NC – January 8, 2013 – As a new year begins, shutterbugs are popping up, says Frankie Bordeaux. Bordeaux, a former Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Nash and Edgecombe Counties in Rocky Mount, NC, cites the organization’s recent partnership with Sony Electronics. According to Frankie Bordeaux, Sony and the BGCA have established a 24-month agreement to expose club members to Sony’s imagery products.

Reports Frankie Bordeaux, the electronics giant has offered to sponsor the Club’s half-century old imagery contest, ImageMakers. The sponsorship will include the donation of photography supplies to Boys and Girls Clubs nationwide, says Frankie Bordeaux. In all, 100 Clubs will be provided with camera and image processing equipment. As well, since the majority of youth enrolled in the Club’s programs are from underprivileged neighborhoods, Frankie Bordeaux reports that Sony has generously agreed to offset printing costs and incidentals, such as batteries and memory cards.

This is an important partnership, says Frankie Bordeaux. He cites youth programs, such as those provided by the Boys and Girls Clubs, as a vital component in the lives of inner-city children. Many in this demographic are left to their own devises during the critical, non-school hours, reports Frankie Bordeaux. He goes on to explain that only through adult outreach and interaction, do many of these youth even graduate high school.

Frankie Bordeaux points out that one major benefit of this sponsorship is that it allows students to compete in a non-aggressive manner and rewards creativity, often an under-encouraged trait in urban households. According to Frankie Bordeaux, participants are recognized in categories including portraiture, environment, culture, and composition. Students from 6-18 are invited to snap photos using the provided equipment or personal gear, when available.

New to the program, relays Frankie Bordeaux, is Sony’s proposed Digital Art Festival. This encourages photo manipulation for artistic and technical purposes using digital media, says Frankie Bordeaux. Both programs encourage participants to submit their art for judging and exhibition. Local winners advance to regional contests where educational opportunities and national recognition are available.

Sony Electronics is a San Diego-based producer of fine electronics. Frankie Bordeaux reports that the company is most noted for their audio and video line as well as IT products, which are respected globally. For this program, Sony will lend their popular Cyber-Shot® point and shoot cameras as well as their high-end consumer DLSR’s, the Alpha line. Frankie Bordeaux also explains that Sony has included several Sony VAIO laptop computers in each photography package.


About Frankie Bordeaux

Frankie Bordeaux is a businessman, property management and real estate developer, NCAA basketball official and staunch advocate of youth programs across the country. In his 25 years working with the BGCA, he was honored to watch young men and women develop into passionate and responsible adults. He believes in the work that the Boys and Girls Club does and praises their continued efforts to promote responsibility and accountability across economic, social, and racial barriers.



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