Garrett Hoelscher Points to Connection Between Birth Order And Health

Garrett Hoelscher

Garrett Hoelscher

STAMFORD, Connecticut – January 17, 2013 – Garrett Hoelscher reports that studies from demographers and researchers point to some surprising conclusions based on birth order. Acknowledging that we have long known that birth order can be a predictor of behaviors or personality profiles in kids, Garrett Hoelscher says that recent findings have revealed patterns that can forecast health according to birth order.

According to a November 2011 article in Prevention Magazine, Garrett Hoelscher says that:

  • The oldest sibling in a family tends to have an IQ that is three points higher than the next youngest in the family. On the other hand, says Garrett Hoelscher, the oldest child is more likely to have problems with asthma, allergies, hay fever and eczema; it’s believed that protective parents mean that oldest children are exposed to viruses and bacteria less than siblings.
  • The middle child in a family often has about a 5% lower risk of gum disease than siblings. Middle kids, however, tend toward lower self-esteem and depression, and can develop signs of chronic fatigue syndrome later in life, notes Garrett Hoelscher.
  • The youngest child in a family often has less trouble with allergies, possibly due to exposure at a young age to their older siblings’ germs. Youngest kids, on the other hand, tend to enter puberty earlier; in fact there’s a connection between puberty and risk-taking activity such as cigarettes, sex or daredevil behavior, according to Garrett Hoelscher.

What’s more, says Garrett Hoelscher, there’s now information that points to the relevance of birth month; apparently kids conceived in June, July or August tended to score lower on math and language aptitudes. There’s even a connection between birth month and the onset of menopause, says Garrett Hoelscher.


About Garrett Hoelscher:

A graduate of Emory University in Georgia, Garrett Hoelscher initially served as an intern at ING. This allowed Garrett Hoelscher to leverage his education at a world-class company in New York City. On the heels of this opportunity, he was invited to serve as general manager for a Napa Valley and Sonoma-based semi-professional baseball league in California. There, Garrett Hoelscher gained invaluable knowledge regarding the daily operations of a business, overseeing everything from budgeting to payroll to hiring.

Following his dreams, Garrett Hoelscher relocated to Colorado and opened a business in Aspen. This offered Hoelscher an opportunity to hone his entrepreneurial skills. Currently, Garrett Hoelscher lives in the Northeast where he is an avid devotee of CrossFit. Formerly serving at Longitude Capital Advisors in Connecticut, Garrett Hoelscher is a Performance Manager at Wayfair.

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