The Balancing Act’s Associate Producer Helps Viewers Find Balance

Gregory Fake

Gregory Fake

Gregory Fake of The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television works to provide informative content to viewers.

MIAMI, Florida – November 9, 2012 – Television producer Gregory Fake serves as both an associate producer and special guest coordinator for Lifetime TV’s The Balancing Act. During the three years he has worked with the show, Gregory Fake has seen a variety of interesting and informative guests stop by the show.

Recently, viewers who tuned into Lifetime Television weekdays at 7 a.m. ET were treated to a wide variety of life-improving topics. According to Gregory Fake, these included both celebrity drop-ins and advice from experts. Among the show’s many insightful recent segments were:

  • War on Obesity—According to Gregory Fake, in this six-part series, The Balancing Act interviewed Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation’s Lisa Gable on the battle to end child obesity.
  • Nutrition for Mom & Baby—A nurse practitioner stopped by the set to discuss nutrition for pregnant women.
  • Addiction Recovery—During National Recovery Month, The Balancing Act featured inspiring stories of those who had recovered from addiction, including nurse Paula Davies Scimeca.

In addition to special features, Gregory Fake helps line up guests for regular segments that include cooking shows, celebrity interviews, and fitness tips. Celebrities who have dropped by the set include Evander Holyfield, Jeff Probst, and singer Danny Gokey. As Gregory Fake points out, The Balancing Act viewing audience is never sure just who will show up on a given day.

On the show, viewers are also treated to tips that could become lifesavers, including a recent segment geared toward women who have survived a heart attack. A nutritionist gave tips on diet and exercise that can prevent a second heart attack, according to Gregory Fake.

Another feature of The Balancing Act is its road tour series. Recently, Gregory Fake and staff sent the show across the Southeast. By visiting different cities, Gregory Fake explains, The Balancing Act is able to provide profiles of local products and services that can make a difference in women’s lives. Road Tour segments include features on cancer, fun games for the smartphone and PC, creative learning for children, and much more.

Gregory Fake serves as coordinator for the Road Tour, as well as The Balancing Act’s regular shows. The former attorney reports that the network’s female audience is struggling with juggling careers, marriages, and parenthood while trying to stay healthy. By providing segments with tips for healthy cooking and fitness, Gregory Fake says that The Balancing Act can help viewers find the balance they need.

The Balancing Act airs Monday through Friday at 7 a.m. eastern on Lifetime Television Network. Hosted by Danielle Knox and Kristy Villa, The Balancing Act bills itself as the only major show hosted by women for women. Gregory Fake points out that the show also offers a newsletter and magazine, Balance Your Life, which offers coupons, fitness tips, and features on a variety of women’s issues.

For more information on The Balancing Act, visit the show’s website at


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