J. Kale Flagg’s Array Asset Management Seeks to Dominate U.S. Market

J. Kale Flagg

J. Kale Flagg

Asset management firm provides consulting services to solar PV power plants, says Partner J. Kale Flagg.

RENO, Nevada – November 21, 2012 – J. Kale Flagg, Partner & General Manager of Array Asset Management, LLC (AAM), announces the company’s emergence into the U.S. market as a provider of asset management and consulting services to owners of solar PV power plants. According to Flagg, Array Asset Management sets itself apart from the competition by partnering with the top maintenance service providers in the world to give customers the most comprehensive, high-quality asset management services available.

J. Kale Flagg’s AAM specializes in providing asset management services to a wide variety of companies.  Through Array Asset Management, J. Kale Flagg assists solar PV power plants with customized asset management services. Everything from bookkeeping to compliance management and beyond can be provided to companies as part of AAM’s services, says Flagg.

The demand for asset management will continue to increase, according to J. Kale Flagg, as the solar power industry’s assets reach maturity and the resultant liquidity. These companies will begin to acquire and sell assets during this time and Flagg and his partners plan to become a premiere third-party asset management provider to these businesses.

With a combined thirty years of executive asset management experience, the team at AAM can provide third party auditing to pinpoint and prevent problems in power plant operations. AAM’s offerings are unique, according to J. Kale Flagg, with other providers focused on specialized areas of the marketplace.

AAM has seen such comprehensive solutions in other areas of the world but broad, all-inclusive asset management in the solar marketplace is lacking in America. As J. Kale Flagg reports, it’s important for American solar power companies to have representation, as the growth of solar assets has been accelerating in recent years. In 2012, J. Kale Flagg points out, there were more than five gigawatts of total solar assets installed in this country.

AAM offers four levels of asset management services, starting with basic monitoring services. J. Kale Flagg indicates the fourth tier includes utility-directed customized service that includes full monitoring and auditing, as well as intensive troubleshooting and problem-solving consulting services.

According to Flagg, AAM’s services aren’t limited to existing power plants. As solar power plants go through the planning process, J. Kale Flagg and the AAM team assist with setup and long-term planning to ensure measures are put in place to strengthen operations and improve success.

The team at AAM includes executive-level experts with experience that spans solar energy, technology, finance, business, and engineering. General Manager J. Kale Flagg is an established entrepreneur with experience in helping a wide variety of businesses achieve success. Even during the recession, Flagg was able to accomplish successful asset management in the real estate recovery market. J. Kale Flagg joined Array Asset Management in 2012 with the goal of helping AAM clients achieve phenomenal success in this new, challenging industry.

About J. Kale Flagg: As co-founder and COO of the commercial real estate development firm Stable Development, J. Kale Flagg oversaw development from concept to design to the construction and stabilization of over 200,000 square feet of medical and Class-A office space to $120 million of income producing real estate.  As COO of Eternity Medicine Institute, Flagg helped launch and finance institutes for this extremely innovative proactive medical enterprise in the United Arab Emirates, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Eternity now boasts current annual revenues in the 8-figures.  As COO of Von Vesting, Inc. & General Partner of its finance arm, the American Redevelopment Fund, LP, J. Kale Flagg oversees this $10mm redevelopment operation to source, improve and resell single family residences in California, Nevada and Arizona in 90- to 120-day turns.  The operation has flipped over 1700 properties in the last 12 years, returning investors over 12% IRR every year and over 20% IRR in 8 of the last 12 years. With a 20+ year relationship with co-founder Rick Lavezzo, J. Kale Flagg joined Array Asset Management as a founding partner in 2012. Now serving as General Manager, Flagg anticipates the development of yet another asset class into a solid return vehicle for investors.

Contact J. Kale Flagg:
748 South Meadows Parkway, Ste A9-44
Reno, Nevada 89521

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