Launched by Chef Jeffrey Nimer

Jeffrey Nimer

Jeffrey Nimer

Launched in 2009, Jeffrey Nimer’s Social Culinaire is gearing up for the New Year with photos, recipes and videos of fresh and exciting foods. Additionally, Social Culinaire is an online meeting place for professionals as well as chefs new to the business. With over 800 members and still growing, Chef Jeffrey Nimer ’s Social Culinaire is positioned to assist foodies in all walks of life connect and network with likeminded cuisine coinsures.

LOS ANGELES – December 21, 2012 – Celebrity Chef Jeffrey Nimer is ready to expand his food haven social media website, The site is geared toward professional chefs as well as the general population of hard-core foodies. According to Jeffrey Nimer, now is a great time to log and learn a new cooking technique to start the year off right.

Jeffrey Nimer explains that the site features recipes and videos of foods created by master chefs across the globe. Members are introduced to delicacies such as Truffle Egg Toast, prepared by Chicago’s Chef John Beatty, Korean BBQ with Bill Kim, and even a few favorites from Jeffrey Nimer. Additionally, guests can explore lessons on fruit and gourd carving techniques and keep their wine tasting skills in shape with commentary from Amy Christine and Bob Asher, says Jeffrey Nimer.

Meals featured in the site include Roasted Baby Beet Salad and Romaine Wrapped and Grilled Mozzarella – both Chef Jeffrey Nimer ’s own contributions to the site.

For those satisfied to just look at photos of foods they wish they could make, Jeffrey Nimer boasts a massive photo gallery, currently comprised of over 3,800 user submitted images. Featured photographic content ranges from Chef Clay Keith’s Gourmet Burger to a well composed photo of Tasting Menu Disisto by Chef Jeffrey Nimer.

Industry professionals have access to the site’s forum, where topics cover Culinary Education, Executive Level employment, and Jeffrey Nimer ’s still popular post from 2009, Mixology. In all, there are nearly a dozen groups available for food enthusiasts to congregate and collaborate, says Jeffrey Nimer.

The site’s 859 members hail from across the globe, according to Jeffrey Nimer, who goes on to say that nowhere else on the web is as dedicated to networking food industry professionals and sharing so openly their collective passions.


Jeffrey Nimer
3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd. #182
Studio City, California 91604

Jeffrey Nimer is a third generation cuisine expert. His father, an importer and exporter of fine wines, taught him that a meal is never complete without proper libations. Nimer’s grandfather was a restaurateur with a fine dining café in Miami, where he taught young Jeffrey about presentation and personalization. For more information about Social Culinaire or to connect with Jeffrey Nimer visit

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