Kelley D. Hamilton Announces Release of “Bonaventure and You” Pin

Kelley D. Hamilton

Kelley D. Hamilton

Ribbon with adorning dove honors facility’s dedication to community, says Kelley D. Hamilton.

SALEM, Oregon – April 11, 2013 – Kelley D. Hamilton announced this week the release of a new pin to illustrate Bonaventure Senior Living’s commitment to local charities. The pin, which features a green ribbon accented by a silver dove, represents the “Bonaventure and You” campaign, which was launched to great success last November, according to Kelley D. Hamilton.

Kelley D. Hamilton, who serves as CEO of the Bonaventure properties that span five different states, explains that this initiative raised more than $150,000 for local charities. Each new resident was allowed to specify a local charity, reports Kelley D. Hamilton, to which Bonaventure Senior Living would direct $1,000. An additional $500 could be specified by current residents who refer those who move in, Kelley D. Hamilton adds. If a local charity referred a new resident of one of Bonaventure Senior Living’s properties, Kelley D. Hamilton says that charity will also receive a $500 referral.

To demonstrate support of this project, Kelley D. Hamilton has found that many supporters have enthusiastically caught onto the “Bonaventure and You” ribbon-wearing campaign. Kelley D. Hamilton began by offering it to the first resident who moved in. Resident Donald Kaehler now resides at the company’s Orchard Heights location, Kelley D. Hamilton explains, and his chosen charity was the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which received a $1,000 thanks to Kaehler’s move-in.

In late January, Kelley D. Hamilton and the team at Bonaventure Senior Living held an event to officially distribute the checks to local charities. The celebration, titled Heroes of Hope, distributed “Bonaventure and You” checks, as well as announcing additional donations given to charities in the community. Those charities were chosen by residents, Kelley D. Hamilton tells us.

The “Bonaventure and You” campaign was such a success, Kelley D. Hamilton has decided to make it an annual event. Since Kelley D. Hamilton took over as CEO, Bonaventure has expanded to five separate states, with expansion to a sixth state coming soon.

The 2012 campaign saw 286 gifts given to 236 charities in the six states Bonaventure serves. In addition to the $151,250 in funds raised by the initiative, Kelley D. Hamilton tells us that the home office added $70,000 to the total. Just a few of the many organizations supported by “Bonaventure and You” are the American Cancer Society, the Boys and Girls Club of America, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

Kelley D. Hamilton joined Bonaventure Senior Living in 2000, where he oversees everything from human resources to daily operations. Currently, Bonaventure owns more than 37 communities containing nearly 4,500 units throughout the northwest. Part of the vision Kelley D. Hamilton has for the Bonaventure properties is providing a facility that puts residents first. With this initiative, Kelley D. Hamilton and his team believe they are able to help residents support those organizations that they believe in.

Ribbons have a history of showing support for causes, Kelley D. Hamilton explains. The “Bonaventure and You” ribbon is a beautiful way for people to show their support for giving locally to causes that matter, Kelley D. Hamilton says. To learn more about Bonaventure and You, Kelley D. Hamilton urges people to visit Bonaventure’s website at and learn how they can become a part of the next “Bonaventure and You” campaign.

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