Kosher Eating Brings Healthier Lifestyle, KSA Kosher States

KSA Kosher

KSA Kosher

Kosher foods linked to health benefits, says Rabbi Lisbon of KSA Kosher.

LOS ANGELES, California – June 5, 2013 – KSA Kosher, a leading supplier of Kosher foods, reports that a Kosher diet promotes lower cholesterol and an overall healthier lifestyle. As Kosher Supervision of America (KSA) explains, part of the reason for the enormous growth of the Kosher food industry in recent years is the desire of customers to live a healthier lifestyle.

The Kosher lifestyle originated from Jewish law, which specified which foods should and should not be eaten. These ancient restrictions, according to KSA Kosher, have a positive impact on a person’s health level that leads modern consumers of every faith to look for foods with Kosher labels.

With the multitude of food allergies prevalent today, KSA Kosher has found many of its customers have chosen Kosher foods because of a lack of certain ingredients. Kashrus prohibits meat and dairy from coming into contact with each other, KSA Kosher explains, so when an item contains the letter “D,” that designates the item as dairy. The absence of a “D” or the marking of the word “Pareve” means the item has never come into contact with dairy, according to KSA Kosher.

Improved cholesterol is often a by-product, describes Rabbi Lisbon of KSA Kosher, since Kashrus prohibits meat and dairy from being consumed together. This keeps fatty foods like pizza and cheeseburgers from one’s diet, and KSA Kosher says that this separation naturally helps consumers pursue a healthier diet.

KSA Kosher has found that those following a Kosher diet also avoid many unhealthy choices like dining at fast food restaurants. Kosher customers of Kosher Supervision of America also tend toward more vegetables and less meats, providing a more nutrient-rich diet. The Kosher diet aids digestion, since avoiding the consumption of meat and dairy tends to be easier on the digestive system. Bloating and other forms of discomfort are reduced or eliminated altogether, providing a more pleasant feeling after meals.

For those who experience negative and even allergic reactions to pork and pork products, a Kosher diet avoids these reactions altogether. KSA Kosher also points out another common allergy resolved by a Kosher diet—shellfish. Since shellfish like shrimp can also be high in cholesterol, avoiding shellfish can help further improve a person’s health.

One of the biggest benefits to Kosher foods, says KSA Kosher, is in its preparation. Before being used for Kosher meat, animals are killed mercifully, being immediately drained of blood. This care is believed by many to prevent the pain and fear animals go through during slaughter, KSA Kosher explains, which some believe keeps the animal healthy until the moment of death, enhancing the quality of meats.

Each Kosher food item is created with attention to detail and care, with this high quality attracting many to products sold by KSA Kosher. Each animal used by Kosher Supervision of America is verified to be completely free of any lesions, illnesses, bugs, worms, and the like. If an item has been certified as Kosher, KSA Kosher says customers know that those items have been through a rigorous series of tests for quality before being released to the public.

Non-Jewish consumers eat Kosher products each day in this country without realizing it, according to KSA Kosher. Now prevalent in many grocery stores, KSA Kosher has found that some consumers are seeking Kosher products for no reason other than cleanliness and quality. For this reason, KSA Kosher seeks to provide products of the highest quality, providing one-on-one customer service to each of the clients it serves. As KSA Kosher and other Kosher food providers seek to fulfill the market’s insatiable desire for healthy, affordable products that taste delicious and are safe for the entire family.

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