Sarasota Area Offers Luxury Accommodations, Says Larry Starr Sarasota Real Estate Entrepreneur

Larry Starr, Sarasota real estate developer and luxury vacation rental accommodation maven says Sarasota is the perfect spring vacation for festival lovers.

LarryStarrSarasota_300x300SARASOTA, Florida – February 13, 2013- Larry Starr, Sarasota entrepreneur, real estate developer and luxury vacation rental guru has built a career out of knowing Sarasota and the area’s benefits. He says that late winter or early spring is a great time to visit the area.

Larry Starr, Sarasota luxury vacation rental entrepreneur, says Florida is often described as a paradise on Earth. The cool, breezy atmosphere of Sarasota and surrounding areas in February-March make for perfect vacation weather and there is an abundance of festivals and street fairs to enjoy with equally pleasing accommodations nearby.

As owner of Larry Starr Sarasota and Longboat Key Accommodations, Larry is proud of the convenient luxury they provide area festival goers. Larry Starr, a Sarasota and Longboat Key resident himself, has been in the area since graduating college in 1981 when he opened the Larry Starr Sarasota Cellular One franchise. He has spent many years cultivating businesses in the area that collectively compliment the various aspects of the thriving city.

“Each February, Tampa is home to the yearly Florida Strawberry Festival,” says Larry Starr, Sarasota vacation rental industry leader. This ten-day event entails everything from thrilling rides and games to crafts, shows and homemade strawberry shortcake, adds Larry Starr. Sarasota ’s festival is among the top 40 in the country and features performances by popular country recording stars. The 2013 festival runs February 28 through March 10th, reports Larry Starr. Sarasota vacation properties are perfect for stays through the Strawberry Festival.

Starr offers many choices in condominiums, private vacation homes, villas and townhomes that make comfortable lodgings for visitors interested in this and the many other events held in the Sarasota area each year. Larry Starr says Sarasota residents and guests also enjoy Winterfest in the Park each year in February. Arts and crafts galore is the name of the game at this festival. Food and drink from local venders are offered in abundance. Held in the beautiful Phillipi Estate Park, Starr says the natural beauty of the historic Spanish landmark is incredible.

Larry Starr ’s Sarasota travel industry experience has allowed him to really get to know the area’s strengths. “We have some amazing events in this area that everyone should experience,” urges Larry Starr, Sarasota travel accommodation expert.

Larry Starr Sarasota area and Longboat key properties are renowned for their quiet simplicity and tasteful luxury. “Imagine enjoying the festivities, food and fun all day and returning to your vacation rental with amenities like gorgeous gulf views, hot tubs, pristine beaches and top notch entertainment”, notes Larry Starr.

Sarasota based Larry Starr is an entrepreneurial force to sure. He hit the ground running after college and in 1981 when he opened Larry Starr Sarasota Cellular One and never looked back. He spent the ensuing years developing luxury travel accommodations, real estate developments and distinguishing himself as CEO of Realty One Alliance. Larry Starr, Sarasota resident and active community member enjoys sharing the news about the areas fascinating festivals and events.


Larry Starr
Realty One Florida
1626 Ringling Blvd., Suite 500
Sarasota, Florida 35236

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