Douglas Andrew Offers Missed Fortune Wealth Program

Missed-Fortune-SquareDouglas Andrew says that the Missed Fortune series informs individuals about how to earn tax-free income for retirement at the rates of return they need to watch their nest eggs grow.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – July 22, 2012 – For nearly four decades, Missed Fortune and Missed Fortune 101 author Douglas Andrew has been advising people to take cash and put it into financial vehicles that are liquid, safe and earn predicable rates of return. These financial tools, according to the Missed Fortune plan, are preferably in tax favored circumstances.

Before creating the Missed Fortune True Asset Optimization program, Douglas Andrew honed his financial expertise for more than 30 years. During that time, says Andrew, he learned many valuable lessons that have been included in the Missed Fortune series. Andrew reports earning an 8.2% rate of return even during some of the worst economic time periods America has seen. Andrew says that participants in the Missed Fortune seminars and webinars are surprised to learn they can do that for themselves, even with little or no previous investment experience. The Missed Fortune program, along with Andrew’s other financial publications, teaches students what they need to know in order to achieve these same results.

Douglas Andrew acknowledges that some years are better than others, but asserts that it all evens out in the long term. Andrew says that before one can fully appreciate the Missed Fortune asset optimization strategies they must understand the rule of 72. The Missed Fortune originator explains that this is achieved by taking an investment’s current interest rate and dividing it by 72. This will provide a timeline of how long it will take for the cash in question to double during the accumulation phase.

An individual with a $1 million nest egg can essentially take $82,000 out per year without touching the principal. This $82,000, Andrew explains, is the “Missed Fortune” that many Americans never achieve. In his Missed Fortune plan, Andrew explains in easy-to-understand terms how to earn this money totally tax-free.

Douglas Andrew recalls that in the beginning of the prosperous decade of the 1990s, one could literally have thrown darts at a newspaper and bought whichever stock they hit. Had they bought and held it until the end of that 10-year period – before losing 40% value at the turn-of-the-century – they would have averaged 12.9% gains, comments the Missed Fortune author.

Andrew states, according to Dalbar, the average stock investor of the 1990s only averaged 2.9%, primarily because his or her holding periods were less than three years. People were buying and selling at the wrong times and their holding periods were less than three years. Andrew states that the Missed Fortune True Asset Optimization program can help modern-day money makers understand the value of patience and see opportunities others simply overlook.

During the last 20 years of stock history the average mutual fund investor has only earned, on average, 3.4%, reports Andrew, adding that even if an investor could earn 12%, with today’s tax rate, they would effectively only net 8%. Andrew says that Missed Fortune teaches taxpayers how to maximize retirement savings by avoiding unnecessary taxes. With the Missed Fortune series, according to Andrew, it is possible to create a predictable rate of return, even in the worst of economies.

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