Nationwide Relocation Services Offers Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Nationwide Relocation ServicesWeeklong event included philanthropic activities for the disease affecting thousands of Americans, says Nationwide Relocation Services.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – October 30, 2013 – As an avid supporter of cancer research and education, Nationwide Relocation Services has offered much of their time and talent in raising awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Management at Nationwide Relocation Services asked the women and men of their staff to wear pink clothing throughout the first week of October.

Even though this disease has claimed thousand of lives, Nationwide Relocation Services notes that countless survivors have persevered and overcome the serious challenges laid out before them. And so, in acknowledgment of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Nationwide Relocation Services personnel donned pink apparel and distributed breast cancer tote bags. This weeklong activity demonstrated the compassionate and charitable sides of Nationwide Relocation Services, a premier moving company in the Southeast.

This act of benevolence from Nationwide Relocation Services and the staff’s friends and family has lifted the spirits of countless people. The staff of Nationwide Relocation Services remains determined to find a safe and effective type of treatment for breast cancer. Giving financial and moral support helps breast-cancer patients to cope with the various physical and mental stresses accompanied with this ailment, says Nationwide Relocation Services.

According to Nationwide Relocation Services, taking the energy and time to fight this disease is something that their people volunteer to do out of the pure intentions of their heart. It stems from a genuine desire to help those afflicted with the disease. Nationwide Relocation Services was established on ethical and moral grounds – and this sense of trustworthiness has been instilled in all members of their team.

Nationwide Relocation Services has worked in tandem with the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation to combat this deadly disease. In the United States, one in eight women will receive a breast-cancer diagnosis during their lifetime. The victims of breast cancer are getting younger, reports Nationwide Relocation Services.

The common source of treatment is chemotherapy, and many patients experience devastating side effects such as hair loss and nausea. Other treatments for breast cancer are extremely limited, points out Nationwide Relocation Services.

As reported by Nationwide Relocation Services, a combination of environment and one’s genes will contribute to the initial development of breast cancer. Therefore, it’s crucial for women and men to protect themselves by regularly seeking medical care. Nationwide Relocation Services informs people that early detection is still the primary way for women to treat breast cancer.

In order to encourage further research, Nationwide Relocation Services gives back to their local community in a number of ways unrelated to financial funding. The staff continues to rally against the disease by volunteering in several charity functions and events.

Everyday, Nationwide Relocation Services assists families relocating for a wide range of reasons. Unfortunately, often times the cause behind a move is related to disheartening family matters such as illness and injury. The Moving Specialists compassionately assist their customers during such difficult times.

Nationwide Relocation Services seeks to fulfill this mission by fostering a sense of hope in those individuals who have nearly given up. In every move, the Nationwide Relocation Services staff works to help clients forget their apprehensions about relocation so that they can move in improved spirits.

Nationwide Relocation Services is a moving company based in Florida that specializes in assisting individuals who need help in the moving process.

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