Nova Science Publishers New ’14 Books

With over 1,500 titles published each year, researchers and readers in a variety of fields can find a book or journal relevant to their interests, according to a spokesperson from Nova Science Publishers.

HAUPPAUGE, New York – August 25, 2014 – Nova Science Publishers announces the release of its 2014 titles, which span a wide spectrum of topics and academic perspectives.

The 2014 titles from Nova Science Publishers include:

  • Amino Acid Molecules Fragmentation by Low-Energy Electrons
  • Youth and Adversity: Psychology and Influences of Child and Adolescent Resilience and Coping
  • Alcohol, Drugs and the U.S. Workplace
  • Recent Advances in Stroke Therapeutics
  • Science of Sport, Exercise and Physical Activity in the Tropics
  • Celiac Disease: An Update
  • Salmon: Biology, Ecological Impacts and Economic Importance
  • Evidence-Based Treatments for Eating Disorders
  • Fitness and Cardiovascular Risk Factors – What Everyone Should Know
  • The Rachet of Science: Curiosity Killed the Cat
  • Addiction: A Guide to Understanding its Nature and Essence

Nova Science Publishers highlights a book by Lillie Shockney. Fulfilling Hope: Supporting the Needs of Patients with Advanced Cancers which was written to help oncologists better understand how to fill a pivotal role in the lives of their patients while maintaining a sense of professionalism. The book encourages a true partnership between oncologists and patients where fears and hopes can be freely addressed and discussed. Shockney’s examples are beneficial for patients, friends, family members and physicians who seek greater understanding and insight into this difficult and challenging time. Her book published by Nova Science Publishers in 2014 offers an updated series of strategies for those who provide counsel, care and communication with cancer patients.

Fulfilling Hope: Supporting the Needs of Patients with Advanced Cancers is just one of the many titles recently introduced by Nova Science Publishers. Since its inception in 1985, Nova Science Publishers has assembled an impressive listing of academic books and journals that are offered to a global audience in wide array of formats.

Nova Science Publishers publish an excess of 1,500 book titles every year as written by some of the world’s most prominent researchers. With an array of handbooks, monographs, e-books, edited collections and reference titles, Nova Science Publishers has continued to advance discussion in a wide range of academic settings.

The team at Nova Science Publishers operates from its main headquarters in Hauppauge, New York under the leadership of CEO Nadya Gotsiridze-Columbus and Vice President Donna Dennis. Nova Science Publishers shares a wealth of titles with an international audience that include genetics, engineering, computer science, biology, financial research, women’s studies, mathematics and many more.

The following marketing activities enhance Nova Science Publishers in their efforts to improve and enhance the academic world:

  • Paper and electronic leaflets are distributed internationally to libraries, literary agents and wholesalers.
  • Review copies are delivered to academic journals for consideration. Current publications and organizations on the Nova Science Publishers list include Choice Magazine and Scientific and Technical Book News.
  • Nova Science Publishers is an active and engaged presence at several book fairs and seminars, with annual trips to Frankfurt, London, Beijing and other major world cities.
  • With an extensive roster of literary distributors and agents across the globe, Nova Science Publishers has the ability to distribute electronic and print leaflets to international libraries and universities.
  • A citation of each Nova Science Publishers work is posted directly on the company’s website.

To peruse the updated book and journal catalogs of Nova Science Publishers, visit the company’s website at

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