O2 Media and Designing Spaces Help Rebuild Homes

O2 Media

O2 Media

O2 Media to help with homes for those in need.

POMPANO BEACH, Florida – April 1, 2013 – O2 Media, producer of the hit show Designing Spaces, announces a partnership with Rebuilding Together to help make over a family home. As O2 Media explains, the project brings crews together to help a Broward County grandmother and her grandchildren, who have been living without electricity, water, and food in the home.

The initiative began with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, who brought colleagues and the community together to help the family. According to O2 Media, the community collected money, toys, and food items to help the family live in comfort. Then, Rebuilding Together came in to help the family make their dwelling more inhabitable, pulling in O2 Media and Designing Spaces to help.

Upon being contacted, O2 Media sent the Designing Spaces team to review the home and determine what could be done. O2 Media appointed the Designing Spaces team to tackle its biggest home remodel to date, with the Designing Spaces Dream Team working on cooperation with Rebuilding Together, the local sheriff’s office, and an emergency shelter in the area that has been helping the children.

One room at a time, the Designing Spaces team changed furniture, re-constructed walls and flooring, and decorated the house. The entire project took only two weeks, O2 Media reports, and the results were covered by major media.

According to O2 Media, Rebuilding Together is a national network of not-for-profit groups that help renovate low-income homes. Rebuilding Together works on 10,000 homes annually around the country. The organization also helps families who have experienced a disaster.

The O2 Media produced Designing Spaces and airs on Lifetime TV. The show tours the country, remodeling homes and demonstrating do-it-yourself projects that viewers can accomplish themselves. O2 Media is proud to announce that Designing Spaces is currently in its tenth season on the air.

O2 Media produces high-quality programming for the top women’s network on the air today, Lifetime Television. In addition to Designing Spaces, O2 Media also produces The Balancing Act, which airs weekday mornings on Lifetime. The programming produced by O2 Media is content-heavy, focusing on segments that help female viewers solve everyday problems. Recognizing today’s women are busy juggling career and family, O2 Media provides solutions that can fit into their lives.

O2 Media is based in Pompano Beach, Florida. O2 Media boasts state-of-the-art production facilities and a full crew of some of the most talented television workers in the world. The work of O2 Media has won awards and accolades for its relevance to today’s versatile women viewers.

Contact O2 Media:
2001 West Sample Road
Pompano Beach, FL  33411
Telephone: 954-691-1102


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