Peter F. Spittler Discusses Value of Partnerships for Sustainable Development

Peter F. Spittler

Peter F. Spittler

A sustainable project approach enhances public and private partnerships, says architect Peter F. Spittler.

CLEVELAND, Ohio – December 5, 2012 – Peter F. Spittler, who has spent his career focusing on creative and sustainable development planning, has discovered the value of bringing people from a variety of fields and backgrounds together to accomplish one common goal. When it comes to sustainable development, Peter F. Spittler reports that when the right resources are combined, anything can be accomplished.

According to Peter F. Spittler, sustainable development refers to development that strives to protect the environment while still meeting the demands of today’s consumer. Often this requires cooperative partnerships, Peter F. Spittler describes, to efficiently and affordably accomplish goals. By building partnerships within the business community, organizations can have those contacts available when the time comes for a new project to begin.

Throughout his career, Peter F. Spittler has focused on sustainable development, believing in the importance of protecting the planet for future generations. Spittler has also kept an eye on projects under development in other parts of the world, observing how private entities and governments agencies have come together to meet consumer needs without putting the environment in jeopardy. Even something as commercial as a shopping mall can be sustainable, says Spittler, by choosing sustainable sites, designing construction for optimum water and energy efficiency, and choosing sustainable building materials.

According to Peter F. Spittler, mixed-use developments can benefit from a sustainable design approach and public participation. Condos, office space, and retail enhance the urban experience by re-purposing vacant and unproductive existing buildings. Former shopping malls, office buildings and industrial complexes are ideal for this approach, Peter F. Spittler has found that by utilizing existing buildings, developers are able to leverage their investment by engaging the financial participation of the local, state and federal agencies.

For his projects, Peter F. Spittler combines experts from a variety of fields. Early in the design process, Peter F. Spittler engages planners, architects, designers, engineers, ecologist, market and financial experts in order to get a fully-balanced view of any development. By including varied and relevant expertise, Peter F. Spittler the long term ecological, economic and cultural sustainability of the project is enhanced.

Peter F. Spittler uses his lifelong experience to choose the right location for each project. By carefully selecting existing properties and formulating a sustainable implementation strategy, Peter F. Spittler is able to enhance the success of a project and the economic vitality of a community.

Peter F. Spittler reports that his collaborations also have had a positive impact on the local communities. By involving experts in these other areas, Peter F. Spittler is able to focus the project team, stakeholders and city fathers on common goals that enhances a community through leveraging its ecological, economic and cultural assets.

A registered architect, the background and experience of Peter F. Spittler spans a wide variety of areas that assist in his projects today. Those areas include planning, architecture, engineering, construction, finance and real estate development. Peter F. Spittler has worked on numerous corporate, commercial, industrial and entertainment facilities, as well as mixed-use developments incorporating multi-layered public/private financing programs.

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