Phil Melugin Announces Phoenix Home Care Award

Phil Melugin

Phil Melugin

Phil Melugin ’s Phoenix Home Care claims economic impact award.

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri – October 19, 2012 – Phil Melugin recently announced that the Springfield Business Journal awarded Phoenix Home Care its economic impact award. The award acknowledges businesses that have made a significant economic impact during the first one to five years of business.

Phoenix Home Care was founded in May 2011. In its first year of operations, Phil Melugin saw the company attain astounding success, with the company on track to see earnings of more than $16 million in its second year. Phil Melugin founded the company with a mission to provide new beginnings for its clients by offering in-home therapy and nursing services.

Because of its tremendous growth, Phoenix Home Care recently bought ProActive Home Care in Wichita, Kansas, acquiring 150 new employees and further expanding its already growing customer base. As Phil Melugin explains, Phoenix Home Care’s services cover everything from helping a new mom care for her baby to grooming assistance for clients recovering from surgery.

According to Phil Melugin, Phoenix Home Care’s mission is to provide quality service with integrity and great empathy. In order to ensure that staff upholds this mission, Phil Melugin and his management team carefully screen each employee. Phil Melugin and his staff uphold Christ-like values, believing that compassion and honesty are critical for a business providing healthcare services.

Part of Phoenix Home Care’s success can be attributed to the long history of Phil Melugin in the field of healthcare. Melugin has served in healthcare since 1990, when he worked as a counselor for Kansas’ Conservco and Intracor. Throughout his career, Phil Melugin served on a variety of advisory committees, including a term as president of a statewide industry-related association. Phil Melugin has also worked with advisory boards in support of improving services for aged, blind, and disabled (ABD) populations.

Another of Phoenix Home Care’s achievements is earning CHAP accreditation. Phil Melugin explains that CHAP is short for Community Health Accreditation Program, an independent accrediting system that strives to retain high standards in the community health industry. According to Phil Melugin, this accreditation followed a strict evaluation process of Phoenix Home Care’s long-term viability, quality, and human and financial resources, among other items.

As Phil Melugin makes clear, Phoenix Home Care will continue to grow in the future. “We definitely have our eyes on additional opportunities, Melugin told the Springfield Business Journal. “We at Phoenix feel very, very blessed.”

Phil Melugin obtained his undergraduate degree from Friend’s University in Wichita, followed by a Master of Education in counseling from Wichita State University. In his spare time, he enjoys horseback riding with his youngest daughter and attending Living Waters Community Church.

The Phoenix Home Care staff is comprised of 900 employees who assist thousands of clients throughout Missouri and Kansas. Phil Melugin is proud of Phoenix Home Care’s growth, announcing an addition expansion of his Springfield office. The company is always looking for talented healthcare professionals to join its growing team.


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