Pierre Bennett Global Holidays Announces Unique Summer Fun for Members

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays reports small town in Spain offers citywide food fight sure to bring out the kid in travelers of all ages.

Herndon, Virginia – June 1, 2012 – Pierre Bennett Global Holidays announces the dates for this year’s La Tomatina – the World’s Biggest Food Fight – which will be held Wednesday, August 1st, 2012. The weeklong festival of events is near the top of Pierre Bennett Global Holidays members’ wish list and is this year’s Once in a Lifetime Trip, with discounts exclusive to current members and their families.

Brunol, Spain, is a small village located in close proximity to Valencia. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays says that this tiny town, usually consisting of 9,000 residents, holds up to 40,000 frenzied food-fighters each year for La Tomatina. These tourists have the opportunity to meet with locals in the days before the main event. Visitors are encouraged to take this time to explore the quaint shops that line the streets of this historic town, say the staff at Pierre Bennett Global Holidays.

The week before the tomato fight is filled with dancing, fireworks, parades, and indigenous musical artists. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays also notes that there is a paella-cooking contest open to all participants the eve of the festival highlight. On the morning of the event, a prized ham is suspended at the top of a slippery pole, two stories in height. The party officially begins when someone dares the dangerous ascent and claims the ham, says Pierre Bennett Global Holidays. However, the officiating bodies usually allow the first toss well before the ham is secured.

Around 11:00 a.m., massive trucks haul thousands upon thousands of pounds of the tomatoes into the city limits, states Pierre Bennett Global Holidays. Signaling the chaos, water cannons launch a wet and wild attack on those lining the streets of Bunol. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays strongly encourages its members to wear protective gear, including gloves and well-fitting goggles. Additionally, authorities prohibit the possession of glass bottles and any other potentially dangerous material from participants, says Pierre Bennett Global Holidays. One final note on safety: all tomatoes must be squished before being thrown to prevent any serious injury.

According to Pierre Bennett Global Holidays experienced travel agents, the water cannons are fired again exactly 60 minutes after the fun begins. This is the end of the fight. Shortly after, the town’s fire trucks begin hosing the streets with Aqueduct reserves. This process is efficient at removing debris from the walkways and buildings; Pierre Bennett Global Holidays suggest that visitors wash themselves in the much calmer Bunol River.

Reservations for this event should be secured well in advance, as Bunol itself is limited on accommodations. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays has numerous overnight options available, on a first come, first serve basis. Members are encouraged to bring their families but children under 16 are discouraged for obvious safety concerns.

No one is sure of the exact origins of the La Tomatina, but that shouldn’t stop adventure seekers from enjoying this Once in a Lifetime Trip offered by Pierre Bennett Global Holidays.

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays specializes in offering members unique and exciting travel destinations and exclusive discounts on worldwide journeys throughout the year. Members receive priority booking, concierge travel services and advice from the most experienced tourism professionals in the business.

To contact Pierre Bennett Global Holidays, please call 703-395-1430.

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