Potential Mass Shooter Kills Self, Leaves Note Claiming Internal Turmoil

29-year-old Carnell Moore shot himself at Bush Intercontinental Airport on Thursday, May 2nd. Prior to his death, he attempted to kidnap an unrequited love and wrote of a monster growing inside.

May 6, 2013 – Details continue to emerge about the would-be gunman at Bush Intercontinental Airport on Thursday. A 29-year-old apartment maintenance worker from Beaumont Texas, apparently suffering from delusions and depression, brought a gun into the airport where he proceeded to shoot the ceiling and then himself.

Moore died of a single gunshot wound to the head; he was simultaneously shot once in the shoulder by a homeland security Special Agent. The incident took place in a public access area of the airport. Moore was never subject to security checkpoints.

Today, authorities believe Moore’s original plan involved mass killings. Earlier in the week, Facebook posts implied he was developing plans more akin to the recent Boston bombings than simple suicide. Next to the body, a suitcase with a loaded AR15 assault rifle suggests he was looking for targets. However, a note found on the suspect’s person alluded to having recently dropped plans for more bloodshed and instead stop the “monster within.”

Earlier in the week, a female coworker who had recently denied his romantic advances reported that Moore approached her at gunpoint and told her he was taking her to Houston. Fortunate for her, she was able to convince him otherwise. A brother spoke with Moore prior to his death and claims that Moore, who had previously expressed a desire to confront an armed officer, denied having any weapons. The brother did not alert authorities and is not considered an accomplice.

Moore stayed at a nearby hotel for two nights prior to the incident. His actions during this time were not suspect.

George Bush Intercontinental Airport was closed for approximately 10 hours, resuming normal operations by early a.m. on Friday reported Darian Moore, a spokeswoman for the airport.


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