Rick Dover Finds Lenoir City and Loudon Great for Senior Living

Rick Dover

Rick Dover

Tennessee towns offer assisted living and memory care options, hospitality executive Rick Dover says.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., May 1, 2013 — Rick Dover, general manager and owner of Family Pride Corporation, recently released new data on the benefits of living in Lenoir City and Loudon, Tenn., for senior citizens. In overseeing some of the best senior living facilities in East Tennessee, Rick Dover has seen how these towns combine small-town living with access to some of the best amenities.

Lenoir City has miles of riverfront property, offering residents a chance to relax, Rick Dover says. With a population in the low thousands, Rick Dover says Lenoir City has restaurants, shopping and retail but is still small enough for peaceful living. In the company’s usual tradition of preserving historic buildings, Rick Dover and Family Pride Corporation purchased a 1908 schoolhouse and turned it into River Oaks Place Senior Living. This renovation allowed locals to continue enjoying a site that brings many memories while putting the building to use for senior care, Rick Dover says.

In Loudon, Rick Dover and his team found a town even smaller than Lenoir City. Also boasting beautiful riverfront properties, Rick Dover says Lenoir City was the perfect location for Lakewood Place Senior Living, which Family Pride Corporation converted from a 1973 hospital. Family Pride also owns River Oaks Place, which includes independent living, assisted living and Alzheimer’s care, Rick Dover explains.

Rick Dover and his staff know that seniors have many options when it comes to senior care. For this reason, Family Pride strives to provide personalized, high-quality care that sets itself apart from others in the field. Rick Dover has a background in real estate development, which makes him the perfect fit for Family Pride Corporation. During his time with Family Pride Corporation, Rick Dover has helped the company achieve both awards and recognition for their commitment to repurposing historic structures.

In addition to providing the best care, Family Pride Corporation also provides affordable care to seniors in East Tennessee, Rick Dover says. According to Rick Dover, Family Pride Corporation allows senior adults to receive full-featured care that is specialized to their individual needs, whether they require memory or Alzheimer’s care, assisted living, or independent living.

One of Family Pride Corporation’s trademarks, Rick Dover notes, is its commitment to the communities it serves. Rick Dover and his staff focus on creating thriving senior living facilities that not only honor the history of the area, but also add to the character of the community. This has helped revitalize certain areas of town, Rick Dover points out, building communities and providing nice places for families and businesses to reside.

Rick Dover and his team have also helped improve the economy of communities by creating jobs at Family Pride Corporation locations. These jobs let local residents work close to home, which Rick Dover finds is a bonus to those living in small, charming towns like Lenoir City and Loudon. By restoring historic buildings, Rick Dover believes Family Pride Corporation is helping both these communities continue to grow and thrive.

Contact Rick Dover:
1125 Grove Street
Loudon, TN 37774


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