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Paul-Savramis-Rising-StarsLONG ISLAND, N.Y. – July 29, 2013 – Rising Stars founder and director of outreach Paul Savramis has announced that the 2013 Rising Stars Community Initiative will offer seminars from partner organizations to all participants. Paul Savramis states that seminar attendance will be added to the organization’s current requirements of community service.

“The thinking of our board is to create a curriculum of subjects that our players will need to cover between grades 3 and 12,” says Paul Savramis.

Paul Savramis explains that the curriculum will cover a diverse roster of topics that are relevant to young people today. These topics cover the type of information that kids need in order to make good decisions during their formative years.

“These subjects will include bullying and cyber bullying; drugs, alcohol and tobacco; teen pregnancy; exercise and nutrition; peer pressure; and other areas of concern for elementary and high school kids,” says Paul Savramis.

Paul Savramis points out that Rising Stars requires all participants to volunteer for community service. In the past, Rising Stars has been involved in projects that support fundraising efforts for autism and multiple sclerosis. Organizations such as the Special Olympics and the Haiti Food Drive benefit from the assistance of Rising Stars participants.

“Last year, all of the Rising Stars participants did a tremendous job helping out others,” and in helping others, they helped themselves,” emphasizes Paul Savramis.

According to Paul Savramis, the kids are particularly interested in opportunities to help people their own age.

“Our kids enjoy being young humanitarians and helping others, especially in cases where they can interact with other kids,” Paul Savramis says. “We also see them excel in peer programs where they coach other kids who are younger.”

The challenge for Rising Stars, notes Paul Savramis, has been to maximize what the kids are getting out of the community service.

“The addition of the seminars and creating an actual curriculum for them to follow will really add to the overall intent of the program,” says Paul Savramis.

Paul Savramis mentions that the seminars will be held every year that a child is in the Rising Stars program. Each participant will be responsible for attending four core seminars between grades 3 and 8.

“Our intention is to have more aware and better prepared students enter high school so that they will have a better chance of graduating with no issues,” says Paul Savramis.

Paul Savramis says all seminars will be hosted by Rising Stars partner organizations. Paul Savramis has established relationships with organizations such as the Nassau County Police Department Foundation and the Center of Tolerance on Long Island.

Paul Savramis
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