Sandra Dyche and CapSpan Find Success in Connecting EB-5 Investors to Projects

CapSpan helps improve EB-5 process by identifying quality projects and ensuring compliance, says Sandra Dyche.

NEW YORK, New York – August 5, 2013 – CapSpan, a full service provider that helps identify investment opportunities for EB-5 investors, recently announced its success in helping investors connect with projects across the country. As managing principal Sandra Dyche explains, CapSpan works hard to find the best projects for EB-5 investors, as well as ensuring those investors meet all compliance guidelines during the application process.

EB-5 is a U.S. federal program that grants visas to foreign individuals who invest in America through funding a project or business in a manner that creates at least ten jobs for U.S. workers. For immigrants, Sandra Dyche has found that finding those projects can be challenging. Through CapSpan, Sandra Dyche works to locate projects that will have maximum impact on their surrounding communities. CapSpan also helps immigrants by assisting them with qualifying and applying for EB-5 visas, expediting the process by avoiding costly delays, according to Sandra Dyche.

As Sandra Dyche explains, the EB-5 Program had a slow utilization at first, but is now being fully used in recent years, with applicants becoming more aggressive in their approach. At the same time, CapSpan reports rising unemployment rates and struggling economies in many U.S. cities. Through working with these companies, Sandra Dyche is able to identify those projects that are most ideally suited to EB-5 investors.

CapSpan’s team includes a variety of experts in relevant areas. Their knowledge and expertise help the company locate the best opportunities for investors, working directly with the agencies overseeing qualification in various areas. Sandra Dyche co-founded the very first EB-5 Regional Center in New York City, where she also served as principal. CapSpan’s another managing principal Michael Bailkin is a former economic development officer for both the City and State of New York, where he gained valuable experience with public incentive projects.

Sandra Dyche and her team carefully evaluate each project to ensure EB-5 compliance. A member organization of the Association to Invest in the U.S.A., serving as member of Best Practice Committees, CapSpan is committed to improving communities both by working with officials in those communities and working to create U.S. jobs for those communities. As Sandra Dyche explains, CapSpan works primarily with China and Korea, having found these two proven markets ideal for finding funding for the types of projects in which CapSpan specializes. In addition, Sandra Dyche expands, CapSpan is actively developing proprietary networks in emerging markets such as India, Brazil, Mexico and Portugal.

Contact Sandra Dyche at CapSpan:
461 5th Ave; 12th Floor
New York, NY 10017

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