New Construction Windows May Be Used For Remodeling, Says Weathershield Reviews Of Window Products

Weathershield ReviewsMany Americans find themselves overwhelmed with choices when it comes to new construction or remodeling window products available. But, after extensive Weathershield reviews, the company finds that the two types of windows may be interchangeable for some projects.

MEDFORD, Wisconsin – March 3, 2014 – New construction or replacement windows? That question often leads to uncertainty with homeowners, finds Weathershield reviews. Deciding on windows can be difficult, particularly as it is one of the most expensive components of a home. Here, Weathershield reviews the difference between new construction and replacement windows.

Replacement Windows

According to Weathershield reviews, replacement windows are best for homes that have existing windows installed, especially if the frames of those windows are in good condition. A replacement window is one that fits into the existing frame. The Weathershield reviews team emphasizes the new window is custom fitted for this frame and must be measured precisely.

New Construction

Weathershield reviews new construction windows as those most suited for home additions or newly erected structures. However, new construction windows may also be a good fit when an existing home is facing extensive renovations, says the Weathershield reviews team. Typically, new construction windows are available in standard and custom sizes that may be custom-built to accommodate buyer needs.

Additionally, Weathershield reviews the benefits of both types of window and reports that, although they may be interchangeable, there are certain scenarios where one is better than the other. These may include:

New residence. According to Weathershield reviews, new construction windows are ideal for new construction project.

Window replacement, frames in good condition. If the building’s window frames are in solid condition and do not exhibit signs of deterioration or rot, replacement windows may be a good fit. However, Weathershield reviews have also found that new construction windows may be preferable to some homeowners. Replacement windows are available as full or pocket frame.

Window replacement, frames in poor condition. In this situation, again, either type of window could work. However, if the entire window frame is going to need to be replaced anyway, new construction windows are just as easy to install as replacement, according to the team at Weathershield. Reviews of replacement and new construction windows find them comparable in price in the situation.

Home remodeling by adding additional rooms. New construction windows are best here, says Weathershield. Reviews of national codes have found that adding an addition to a home is usually considered new construction.

Adding new windows. The Weathershield reviews team reports that new windows are also considered to be a new construction project. This is because adding a new window involves a great deal of carpentry work and disturbs the original frame of the home.

When comparing new and replacement windows, there is very little difference in quality, says Weathershield. After reviews of the job type are complete, however, a homeowner may conclude one has a slight edge over the other.

Reviews by Weathershield customers site outstanding customer service as the key reason to do business with the half-century old US-based company. Founded in 1955, no other window manufacturer in the nation produces a better window than Weathershield. Reviews of Weathershield’s product line show a recent reintroduction of the brand to a broader market with the addition of the Aspire, Signature, and Premium Series.

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