Weathershield Windows and Doors Points to Difference Between Replacement Windows and New Construction Windows

Weathershield WindowsKnowing the key characteristics of each type of window will help the homeowner in the long run, says Weathershield Windows and Doors.

MEDFORD, Wisconsin – January 3, 2014 – A common question posed to window professionals by prospective buyers relates to the difference between replacement windows and new construction windows, according to a spokesperson from Weathershield Windows and Doors. In fact, says the company, there’s little difference between the two types. Weathershield Windows and Doors maintains that neither kind of window must be implemented exclusively for their specific title.

Weathershield Windows and Doors reports that replacement and new construction windows are relatively similar; however understanding the features of each window can benefit the homeowner. The team at Weathershield Windows and Doors points to distinct advantages when purchasing the kind of windows that are most suitable for the specific project.

According to Weathershield Windows and Doors, replacement windows are best used in homes that currently have window openings with frames that are in solid condition. Replacement windows from Weathershield Windows and Doors utilize an existing window frame, with the window simply being placed into the frame.

Replacement windows require custom manufacturing and measurements to ensure a proper fit, states Weathershield Windows and Doors. On the other hand, new construction windows are available in standard sizes or can be made to order to any size needed.

New construction windows, according to Weathershield Windows and Doors, are windows for new structures or additions. New construction windows can also be used when existing structures have experienced renovations. In these cases, the Weathershield Windows and Doors team may recommend that walls are stripped right down to the studs.

New construction windows generally arrive in standard sizes, but the Weathershield Windows and Doors experts can craft windows to meet the specific needs of their clients. It can be difficult to know exactly when to use replacement windows or new construction windows, acknowledges Weathershield Windows and Doors. For that reason, their expert team is able to provide assistance and guidance during this complex process.

There are several scenarios that a homeowner may encounter when embarking upon a purchase from Weathershield Windows and Doors:

  • When building a new home, new construction windows are the obvious choice.
  • When replacing windows with window frames in fair condition, replacement windows are the best option for this particular project.
  • When replacing windows in a home with window frames in poor condition, either replacement windows or new constructions might work. If the homeowner is replacing the whole window frame, it is just as simple to install a new construction window from Weathershield Windows and Doors.
  • When adding a new window or building an addition to the home, Weathershield Windows and Doors considers it to be a new construction project. For prospective clients who are building a new home, Weathershield Windows and Doors will recommend new construction windows as the proper choice.

For more information on the products and services offered by Weathershield Windows and Doors, contact the company through their website at Experienced Weathershield Windows and Door dealers are ready to provide an estimate for either new construction or window replacement projects.



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