YOR Health – Stay Energized with Digestive Enzymes

YOR HealthYOR Digest Ultra is designed to revolutionize the nutritional products industry, according to a spokesperson for YOR Health products.

IRVINE, California – December 11, 2013 – According to YOR Health, the key to being the life of the party during the upcoming holiday season is YOR Digest Ultra. YOR Digest Ultra by YOR Health is a set of enzymes that consumers can take right before a meal in order to improve digestion.

Whether you’re dining on ham or turkey this holiday season, you’ll remain energized and alert at every holiday get-together, reports YOR Health. By using YOR Digest Ultra, YOR Health consumers won’t have to pass on the pumpkin pie this year.

With YOR Digest Ultra enzyme products by YOR Health, people can eat without worrying about the after-effects of such food. A natural set of products designed to enhance digestion, YOR Digest Ultra by YOR Health increases energy while improving the digestive system. Its digestive enzymes are meant to help the body in cleansing the system, breaking down food and preventing an overly sluggish feeling after the meal.

Enzymes are the true life force of the human body, according to YOR Health. Enzymes break down food into vital nutrients that cells can absorb and then use for fuel. When consumed right before a big holiday meal or within the first couple bites, these YOR Health products help the body’s natural digestive processes.

YOR Digest Ultra by YOR Health strengthens the immune system while cleansing the colon. By taking YOR Digest Ultra, YOR Health customers will be able to absorb fats and digest portions more easily. As an added bonus, YOR Digest Ultra fights off bad bacteria found in the body, according to YOR Health.

The enzymes of the YOR Health YOR Digest Ultra are gentle, safe and derived from 100 percent vegetarian enzymes. For YOR Health customers, this soothing herb blend can reduce discomfort and recharge their batteries during the holiday slog.

For first-time users of prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes, YOR Digest Ultra by YOR Health is a product that provides nutrients to support healthy fat metabolism and healthy blood sugar levels. This potent formula has been designed by YOR Health to improve the consumer experience by minimizing the number of pills required on a daily basis. It offers an enzyme blend approximately two to three times stronger than other products on the market, reports YOR Health.

YOR Health encourages all customers to partake in all the activities of this treasured season. YOR Digest Ultra can be purchased in time for the holidays by visiting the YOR Health website, yorhealth.com.

YOR Health is a nutritional products company with ambassadors – including founders, customers and independent representatives – located in Australia, the U.S., Canada and Mexico and several other locations throughout the world.

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