YOR MRP Shake Is a Staple of YOR Health Products

YOR Health ProductsMeal replacement product is popular with participants in the 8-week YOR Best Body Challenge.

IRVINE, California – October 7, 2013 – The YOR Health products team recently announced its newly named YOR Health Shake, a delicious meal replacement shake that has only 140 calories, 20 grams of protein, and 22 vitamins and minerals essential to a healthy diet. The shake, one of many popular YOR Health products, is a delicious addition to the YOR Best Body Challenge, an eight-week competition that encourages members to get fit.

Previously known by the name YOR MRP, the YOR Health Shake is a welcome part of the YOR Health products family. For members working on increasing their lean body mass, the YOR Health Shake is one of the best items in the YOR Health products store. The company’s patented enzymes ensure calorie consumption is converted to energy rather than being stored as fat. This also has the benefit of making sure calories aren’t wasted, which is important to many who visit the YOR Health products store.

Another benefit of the YOR Health Shake is that it serves as a meal replacement, with nutritional value closely calculated. In fact, some YOR Health products customers find that because the shake has such a delicious taste, they don’t crave other foods during the day. But for those who would prefer a snack to supplement their YOR Health Shake, the YOR Health products store offers berry smoothies. In addition to its meal replacement shakes, YOR Health products includes various supplements in capsule form that can help with a variety of health and weight management issues.

Available in chocolate and vanilla, each YOR Health Shake in the YOR Health product line contains a variety of critical ingredients, including seven different variations of calcium. Like other YOR Health products, the YOR Health Shake also contains antioxidants, which protect cells from damage.

In addition to its multiple versions of calcium, YOR Health Shake, like other YOR Health products, focuses on delivering health benefits to consumers. The YOR Health Shake is unique from other YOR Health products in that it contains four forms of magnesium and chromium to optimize the available energy for each person who consumes it. YOR Health products are especially beneficial to those hoping to lose weight or get in shape through exercise, since this nutrient composition provides the energy needed to power through a workout.

Another energy source provided in many YOR Health products, including the YOR Health Shake, is amino acids. The amino acids found in the YOR Health Shake are formulated to increase nitrogen retention, says the YOR Health products team. According to the YOR Health products team, the formula also increases the body’s breakdown of protein, which boosts the ability to increase muscles.

Since many shoppers in the YOR Health products store are strapped for time, YOR Health provides a convenience kit. YOR Health product shoppers can get all the products they need to take their first YOR Best Body Challenge, including YOR Health Shakes, SuperGreens and Fiber Plus stick packs to add to water, and a short shaker cup for mixing YOR Health chocolate and vanilla shakes.

New enrollees will also receive a welcome booklet with their first order of a YOR Health Convenience Set. The welcome booklet includes a copy of the company’s magazine and a catalog detailing all of the products in the YOR Health products store. To further save participants time, YOR Health includes a product regimen that helps them plan each meal.

For more information on YOR Health products, visit yorhealth.com/products.


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