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YOR Health

YOR Health

YOR Health says enrollment ends April 14 for Challenge Group #7.

IRVINE, California – April 8, 2013 – YOR Health is now enrolling challengers in the ongoing eight-week YOR Best Body Challenge, Challenge Group #7. Participants in the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge compete for prizes. There is also an annual YOR Best Body Championship where the winners with a grand prize of $3,000 in cash plus a trip for two to a surprise destination. Several other cash awards and product prizes are available, with winners determined by community voting, and the YOR Best Body judges’ panel.

Through these body transformation challenges, YOR Health seeks to encourage people to be healthier, which will in turn help them have more energy, feel better, and live a longer, happier life. YOR Health body transformation challenges are ongoing, with smaller prizes awarded to 12 people twice monthly and larger prizes awarded to overall winners.

To take part in the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge, YOR Health requires the participant to be registered. There is no charge to register. Once a person has registered, the eight-week challenge begins and they are encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle. The challenge requires members to upload a set of “before” photos, which will be compared alongside their “after” photos once the challenge is complete.

Twice per month, YOR Health awards first place prizes of $1,000 in YOR Health products. Second-place winners get $750 in products and third-place winners receive $500 in products. Voting for YOR Health Challenge Group #7 participants will begin June 15th, with winners announced on or before June 30th, 2013.

Grand Prize Champion Finalist will be selected for the annual YOR Best Body Championship, and will be voted on by the crowd at the YOR Health Annual Conference 2013 in Orange County, CA. The $3,000 first-place prize and trip for two will be awarded to a male and female in each category, with male and female winners awarded second-place prizes of $1,500 cash and third-place prizes of $500.

Male and female participants choose between two categories to compete in. This allows them to choose whether they intend to “sculpt” or “slim” during the eight-week challenge. Through pictures and a written testimonial, challenge participants are able to provide YOR Health judges with a picture of their success.

YOR Health is a California-based company that specializes in products that help improve people’s lives. Each product is designed using thorough scientific research, in conjunction with medical professionals and nutritional experts. In addition to the YOR Health Best Body Challenge, the site also features testimonials from customers who are part of the company’s “100 Pound Club,” having lost a significant amount of weight using YOR Health products.

With the YOR Best Body Challenge, YOR Health customers and Independent Representatives can use a combination of YOR Health products and exercise to maximize managing their weight. The company features examples of previous winners on its website, emphasizing that results vary from one person to next, but the average person can expect to lose one to two pounds per week by combining a reduced-calorie diet and an exercise regime.

YOR Health sells products that help customers lead happier, healthier lives. Through a line of premium dietary supplements, YOR Health customers have access to products that will help provide the nutrients they need each day. Customers can find products to match their own specific needs through YOR Health, whether those needs are weight loss, digestive health, or an increase in energy and overall well-being. YOR Health also provides products that can help the body better benefit and recover from physical activity.

To join the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge, visit yorbestbody.com and complete the online sign-up. Four photos are required of your before-challenge body before beginning the challenge.

For more information, write YOR Health at 2802 Kelvin Avenue, Suite 150, Irvine, CA 92614 or call 949.681.6077. You may also e-mail CustomerCare@yorcorp.com.

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