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‘Serial’ Desire Brings Attention to Podcast Industry

The breakout podcast has drawn an audience of more than 5 million listeners since its inception this fall. WASHINGTON, DC – December 24, 2014 – The podcast industry has changed dramatically in recent years, with a diversity of influences.  “Serial” is the major driver behind this recent trend. The podcast, focused on the 1999 murder […]

Economists: U.S. Export of Natural Gas a Benefit for Economy

DENVER, Colorado – November 24, 2014 – One of the growing political issues in Washington, D.C. has been the potential export of U.S. natural gas and oil. According to a recent Associated Press survey, many economists say that the country would benefit greatly from the practice. In the survey results released last month, most economists […]

Gallup Poll: Utah Rates No. 1 in Charitable Giving

UTAH – October 2nd, 2014 – Residents in southwestern and southern states were among the least likely to volunteer their time and donate their money, according to a new Gallup poll examining American habits of charitable and philanthropic giving. Utah reigns supreme as the leading state in the survey, with about 50 percent of residents […]

Parkinson’s Often Linked to Depression

Depression affects millions of Americans each year. Often, the root of the sadness is a chemical imbalance but is sometimes directly linked to other illnesses. There is hope, however, in the form of psychological and pharmacologic treatments. August 20, 2014 – LOS ANGELES, California – The recent death of red carpet icon Robin Williams has […]

Coca-Cola Pops the Top of the New Harris Poll List of Trustworthy Brands

June 19th, 2012 – American consumers have cited The Coca-Cola Co. as one of the most trustworthy brands, according to the results of the Harris Poll Reputation Quotient study. The study polled over 18,000 U.S. residents to determine the reputation of the country’s most prominent companies. Coca-Cola secured a four-place jump from No. 6 to […]

U.S. Small-Business Owners Express Cautious Optimism about the Short-Term Future

Flexible hours and family time are among the most important qualities of starting a solo entrepreneurship, according to a new Wells Fargo-Gallup survey. MIAMI, Florida – June 12, 2014 – The U.S. economy may experience ebbs and flows, but today’s small-business owners continue to be satisfied with the decision to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. According […]

National Study of Employers: Fewer Workers Are Granted Flexibility of Schedule, Work Structure

June 9th, 2014 – Flexibility is one of the most prized benefits, according to today’s workforce. For Millennials and working parents who desire autonomy, the ability to work whenever and wherever holds significant appeal.  A new study by the Society for Human Resource Management and the Families and Work Institute indicates that employers have become […]

Automattic Announces 160M Round of Capital Raised from Investors

SAN FRANCISCO, California – May 29, 2014 – Automattic, the firm behind WordPress and a wide array of other popular Web publishing tools, has raised more than $160 million from investors in a recent project. The round values the nine-year-old company at $1.16 billion, after the investment. Key investors in this latest round were Endurance, […]

Office of the Comptroller of Currency Examines Latest Trends in Small Business Loans

In 2013, U.S. banks continued to roll back lending requirements as economy showed signs of progression. DENVER, Colorado – May 7, 2014 – An increasing number of institutions are slowly easing up on their credit underwriting standards, according to a new study. In a January 2014 survey, the Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC) […]

U.S. News & World Report Releases 2015 Best Graduate Schools Rankings

Stanford, Harvard and Yale claim top spots in business, law and other major categories. WASHINGTON, DC – March 15, 2014 – U.S. News & World Report has released the 2015 edition of its Best Graduate Schools, an annual ranking of the nation’s most successful educational institutions. Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania ascended two places […]

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